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An October Walk

On one of my recent walks with the Dogs I was delighted to witness a beautiful twilight!  My favourite time of day, but so fleeting.  However with the advent of the humble mobile phone camera, I now have a camera with me (most of the time) to be able to capture that fleeting moment in time.

So I share with you here some of those photos.


Well firstly there are my walking companions of course… Inde (the border collie) and Toffee – who’s getting on a bit now at 12 and half!


Now I know this photo is a little out of focus, but I include it here because it captures the lovely pinks that were in the sky. This picture is taken with the sun behind me.


This picture is taken in the same position as the last one, but this time I have turned around and am looking slightly uphill!  The trees silhouetted against the sky with the fluffy clouds softly glowing… is a “view to relax to” in my book.


This photo is actually taken a few moments earlier, you can see the sun just that little bit more before it dips behind the hill.  With an uplifting sentiment in white lettering on the bottom of this picture I may use it as a card to celebrate the Winter Solstice, even though the leaves are still on the trees!


I decided to take this picture to show the archetypal Oak Tree, well the acorns anyway!  Lush greenery and ripening acorns.


A close up of the Oak Leaves.


The winding, crooked branches in the late Autumn sun.


And the majestic tree itself, solid, old (although not as old as some) and an English sign of stability. 

I’ll tell you a little story about the name ‘Badgers Oak’ one day.

2 comments to An October Walk

  • Margaret Seaman

    Dear Sunday .
    Thank you for your E.mail.
    As I am at last(after a succesful spine operation) how you setting up my Craft room, so will be interested about how you are re organising.
    Thank you for pictures of the trees. I miss the English Countryside, being from the UK.
    As you will have heard, here in Australia we are having floods,did not quite reach where I live, expecting another soon when all the water from Queensland reach Victoria, So we have had fires, flood and locust, they are everywhere, just expecting the famine next.
    Best Wishes

  • Hello Margaret,
    I’m so pleased your operation has been a success. Yes we have indeed seen the devastating floods in Australia and I am glad they did not make it as far as you. And so you’re expecting the famine to make up the four? What have you lot been doing over there to attract the wrath of “you know who” then? Joking aside, do keep well and on with your recovery. I have been tidying my craft area already… I did take a ‘before’ picture for an article, and I’m sure my wafflings on the subject will be in the next newsletter!

    Much Warm Wishes

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