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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Video Tour – Thank You Mini Album

I made a video or my mini Scrapbook Album.  It’s not finished yet, but with 22 out of 31 pages made, I thought I’d share. Hope you like it…

Random Album Scrapbook Page – Caffeine

Here’s a quick page I made for my Random Mini Album.  I made it in colours/design that ‘jars’… is a bit ‘on edge’ and basically unlikable, to offer the feeling of being ‘out of sorts’… as I am in the mornings… although I’m better than I was! lol I would like to find a pick-me-up [...]

Use Your Hair Straighteners for Scrapbooking and Crafting

Now I know some people do not own a set of hair straighteners (I actually use mine to curl my hair!), but a lot more people will at least know somebody who does… so maybe you can borrow a set, or go visit your friend clutching your  creased ribbons! Anyway, you may like to watch [...]

Sunlight on a Cloudy Day

I just HAVE to share this rose with you.  I took this photo this evening… it had been raining here and as I thought it might, the rain had settled on this rose in my garden just to enhance it’s beauty!  I’m not into yellow as a colour, I prefer my pinks, but this rose [...]

Our New Addition

This is the new addition to my household!  1,2,3… Ahhhhh!  A sleeping puppy!  My daughter has named her Rosie and she is a Jack Russell. She is very cute and very small and she will be experiencing her first vet visit this coming week!  I suppose I ought to get scrapbooking some pictures!

Resting Place for my Beloved Dog

I mentioned in a recent post (An October Walk), where I posted some pictures of an oak tree, that I would post a little story about a special Oak. Well, not too long ago I lived in a house which we renamed “Badgers Oak” when we moved in.  There was a magnificent Oak tree in [...]

Cute Video – Little Boy and his Dog

I found this video in a roundabout way via a scrapbooking online mag belive it or not. Made better with the sentiment of the song, you’ll most likely know the singer straight away!

An October Walk

On one of my recent walks with the Dogs I was delighted to witness a beautiful twilight!  My favourite time of day, but so fleeting.  However with the advent of the humble mobile phone camera, I now have a camera with me (most of the time) to be able to capture that fleeting moment in [...]

Simple Question – No answer!

My daughter (aged 6) asked me a very simple and resonable question last night at the dinner table.  It was a question to which my reply was… “Actually, I have absolutely no idea, and I’m not sure where, or if, I could find a definite answer!” Trust a child to come up with a simplicity of [...]

Vintage Cards & Chicks!

Hello All!! I have been recruiting again for the Tearooms, and, as a consequence also having to work in the Rooms themselves along with training, etc… phewee is putting it very politely!! So, I have been away from the Blogs, etc.  Anyway, I have posted here, some small cards I made recently which are very quick [...]