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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Video – Simple 6×6 Scrapbook Pages and Ideas using Mesh

He is a new video I’ve uploaded to show some simple scrapbook layouts where I have used mesh as a background and a stencil, and although it’s not shown here, you can obviously use the coloured mesh (after using it as a stencil) for another scrapbook page, talk about ‘get your money’s worth’!

Colourful Mini Art Journal

I have been blog-hopping recently… actually it’s more accurate to say that I have been rather addictively browsing Pin-Interest!  Good Grief there is soooooooooo much stuff on there, and most of it is fabulous!  That’s the crafting, sewing, storage side of things… oh and the vintage tea themes too! Anyway, via that, I came across [...]

Simple 8×8 ‘Doodling’ Scrapbook Page – Nervous

I made this very simple scrapbook page using some freebie paper and journal blocks (that came in a magazine) and home made arrows!  The inspiration was one of the books Honey was reading at the time which was  one of the ‘Tom Gates’ books which is written in half type set and half doodling on every [...]

Scrapbook Page 8×8 Layout – Meerkat Diaries

Hello all, it’s been a snowy January here in the UK, even over in my ‘bulge’ in the east… East Anglia! This layout I share today is from the Summer 2012… fed up with the cold weather!  Our little dog Rosie, who will be 2 years old in April -can you believe it?, has a [...]

Butterfly Theme Mini Paper Bag Album – Video Tour

Here’s the first of four videos showing  the paper bag albums I made for relatives for Christmas.  These are videos made from stills which I talk about.  I didn’t have time to film real time videos, as I was ‘up against it’ to get them finished and wrapped!!! Video at the botton of this post.

A Quick Way to Darken Text on a Scrapbook Layout

This is a close up of a hybrid page I made . It’s to show the word “Deep”. As you will notice, it is shiny! I thought that in the printed copy of the digital page the black words did not have enough contrast so I used some 3-D Gloss over the top to just [...]

Celebratory Lists – a Different Way to Scrapbook the Last Year

This is the time of year that people start to scrapbook the past year. There are many ways to do this, and a lot of them include lots of photos. What if don’t have that many photographs available? Then how about making a list… but not any old list… try a Celebratory List! Write down [...]

Simple Photo Page for Random Mini Album

Here is a simple ‘double sided’ page I made for my Random Mini Album. I decided to use bascially the whole of the photo (s) as the page itseld, only adding paper to the left for the holes, and on the right so that I had something to write on. The page flips over to reveal [...]

Let’s Take Issue – Mini Marvels – 8×8 Scrapbook pages?

I was re-reading an issue of Scrapbook Magazine and came across an article called ‘Mini Marvels’ (Page 50 of issue 66).  The subheading was “Caroline South shows us how to scrap in miniature with her cute 8×8″ page designs”. Lovely scrapbook pages they are too, one of them shown almost full size on a page.  [...]

Scrapbook Page – Waiting

Just picked up a 12×12 storage box with some random stash in and made a layout! The Round piece of cardstock I used as a background I had already cut out for something else and had decided not to use it in the end, so it was in the box left over from that.  It [...]