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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
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How I Made Chocolate Bar (Candy Bar) Wrappers

In the last article I showed you the Birthday Vouchers I made for my husband.  Well here is a picture of the 5 small bars of chocolate I also gave him, I left them around the house for him to find. (My daughter and I were visiting folks so weren’t at home on his birthday).

Chocolate (candy bar) Wrappers

I used one of the original paper wrappers of the bars of chocolate as a template.  In Photoshop Elements (PSE) I created a piece of paper that was the same dimensions and then just dragged digital background paper over the top, till I was happy. 

I then measured the original wrapper again to see where I needed to position the words.

screenshot of candy bar wrappers

Here is a screenshot showing the wrapper before it was printed.  However I didn’t print from PSE, I saved the image as a JPEG and then printed 2 to a page in using MS Word. (Btw the cross-hatching on the screen there is just the grid I had on view to help with positioning).

Although I created this one in PSE, it would be as easy to do in something like Word with a coloured text box and some white coloured text on top.  Or if you were feeling more adventurous – pull in a digital background (as it is just a picture) into Word and then crop it to the size you want.  Then add a clear text box on top of the background and create white text in it.

I made a video (in an article) about putting white text on photos which is the same technique – Click here to view.

5 comments to How I Made Chocolate Bar (Candy Bar) Wrappers

  • samantha

    i love the candy wrapper idea. i am just starting to scrapbook and make cards and things. what program are you using on your computer for the candy wrapper? do you have any tips for things i need to get started what tools you recommend. thank you for taking ime to read this.

  • Hello Samantha, I use Photoshop Elements which is the much cheaper version (£50) of Photoshop (around £350!) and is comprehensive enough for digital scrapbooking and making printables. I use it for making my papers and other printables on
    What sort of scrapbooking are you starting? Digital or traditional paper scrapping? And what sort of things have you got already? Digital-wsie you can get a free huge kit from plus lots of tutorials. You tube is great for more tutorials, for both types of scrapbooking.
    Here are a couple of blog posts whcih you may find useful – about tools beginners should consider having.
    Essential Tools Part 1
    Essential Tools Part 2

    I hope this information helps you!
    Warm Wishes, SundayL

  • Kristin

    I’ve bookmarked this! Thanks for the tutorial on this, I’ll be making them for my son’s 6th birthday. It was very helpful!

  • Teri

    I cannot find Hershey bars with the foil wrapper these days and I’m afraid the brown wrapper will not look good sticking out of my wrapper. What brand did you use or where did you find the foil bars?

  • Hello Teri, These aren’t Hershey Bars, they are Cadburys Dairy Milk or Galaxy Bars (can’t remember now!) We don’t have Hershey Bars over here in the UK!

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