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Denes School Enterprise Week

A collection of products made by the pupils from their various stalls

A collection of products made by the pupils from their various stalls

Today, I had a fascinating day as one of a group of local professional people judging the efforts of large group of 14-15 year-olds at a school in Lowestoft, in their Enterprise Week.

Basically, they had to buy a franchise (which was a craft kit bought with “school currency”) and in three days, in groups of ten, they had to set up a business which produced a product to be sold at a market stall (all within the school, using school currency).  This happened this morning and then each group (there were 15 or so) had to make a business presentation to the judges this afternoon.

Ring and mobile phone dangly made from coloured clay from one of the stalls

Ring and mobile phone charm made from coloured clay from one of the stalls

I thought it was a great concept to give these teenagers, it gave them a taste of teamwork, marketing, keeping accounts, product conception, etc, etc.  All a great experience for them, although I did think that for these groups to only have 3 days, (and they didn’t even know their product till day 2!) was a tall order. 

I think they all did very well to achieve what they did in the incredibly short space of time.

Some of the products were greetings cards, fudge, biscuits and cakes, face painting, soap, candles, jewellery, all from craft kits.

Of course, selling items at fairs, namely craft fairs, is what I used to do!  Back… oh a bit further than I would like to admit, I sold my encaustic paintings and hand printed clothes, table wares and other items at 1, 2 and even 4 day events!  I always demonstrated my craft on the stand, which actually meant I was making more stock whilst there, which was handy, but it was always interesting for visitors to watch too!

So I know a little bit about setting up an exhibition stand to sell craft wares.  (before that I organised exhibitions!)

Overall, the pupils at Denes School did a really good job, all things considered, and I hope they have gained knowledge from the experience.  With profit and loss accounts and other such things to consider, I hope also that it may have sparked some entrepreneurial tendencies in some of the them where, in the future, they will be providing jobs for others!

So well done girls and boys!

2 comments to Denes School Enterprise Week

  • Donna Akerman

    Hi Sunday, just wanted to say was lovely meeting you and Miles yesterday and as you know it can be a bit daunting pairing up with someone you don’t know but it was a pleasure having Miles as my partner.
    Hopefully we’ll all be asked to do it again next year.
    Donna x

  • Lovely to meet you too! Thank you for your guidance and for keeping Miles in check! LOL and yes, hopefully see you again there and/or possibly doing something “crafting”.

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