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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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FREE Download – Genuine Vintage Letter

I’ve had a request for some Vintage letters for use on cards and scrapbook pages!  I mentioned a while ago about some Very old Genuine letters my husband had in his possession. (click here for the article and video)

sundayl_vintage_script_let1Anyway Sue, from Canada, has asked if I could let her know where she can download any of the scans I made. 

Well, I did use one of the letters in my downloadable “Colourful Beauty” Collection of Printable Papers over on the website.

And two of the Subscriber Freebies were made from that collection of papers (June and July 2009).

However, as the Subscriber Freebie for the Aug/Sep 2010 Issue of my Newsletter, I have included a raw scan of one of the letters!  Subscribers can just print this out and use it as a background for a number of different projects!

So to take advantage… you need to subscribe!

4 comments to FREE Download – Genuine Vintage Letter

  • Jan

    Hi Sunday,

    Thank you for the vintage letter, I’ve put that in my ideas folder pretty darn quick. I do feel a bit guilty though, I haven’t been in touch for ages. Rich had his second operation on his leg in August( Broken on the ice last year) I only do any crafting when the girls come over. My daughter is disgusted with me I have been BUYING birthday cards! Your newsletters do jog my creativity and it’s nice to get them whenever you are kind enough to send them. I’m very glad the tearoom is such a success, I was sure it would be.
    Best wishes. Jan

  • Bonita

    Hello, I am a new scrapbooker and I love your site as it is down to earth and easy to understand talk about scrapbooking. I love the tips ideas and knoledge that you pass along. The freebies don’t hurt either. I hope you will be able to find a balance between family, business and crafting.
    I find that when your “should be fun craftime” becomes a chore than it may be time to evaluate why you are doing this (which is what you seem to be doing). Know that whatever you choose to do to find balance in your life will be supported by most of the people who read this letter as we have probably all struggled to balance our craftime with work and family at some time or another.
    Do what your gut tells you and most importantly do not feel guilty about your decission whatever it may be.
    Good luck.
    Bonita from Canada

  • Hello Jan,
    Ha ha on the buying the birthday cards! I have to admit to my time being so short that I have “embellished” some bought cards, for those not close family/friends! Shhhh, I won’t say anything if you don’t, lol !
    Thank you for leaving a comment
    Warm Wishes

  • Hello Bonita,
    You are right about something fun becoming a chore. I love to help/teach people, and of course when I have my group I get that feedback instantly, but with something as remote as an online newsletter, it’s difficult to know whether I’m talking to myself!
    I believe I will continue with the Newsletter for the time being, but I will plan ahead a little more, and maybe try to simplify the format a little.
    Thank you for leaving a comment.
    Warm Wishes

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