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How to Easily Apply Self-Adhesive Letters to a Scrapbook Layout

I posted a picture of this scrapbook page a few posts back.  It was a fairly quick page to make and I used the Wisteria Collection from Basic Grey.  The reason for me showing it to you again is because I used self-adhesive letters from the sticker sheet included with the collection.  I am going to share a TIP as to how you can line up your letters quickly and easily to form your words before you stick them down on your project.

Scrapbook Page "Snow Angels" by SundayL

Firstly, find a ruler.  It is preferable to have a transparent one but not essential, you can still use this technique with a metal or wooden ruler for instance.  Then take your first sticky letter and place the bottom third (ish as this is only to hold the letter still while you work) of the letter onto the top edge of your ruler.


As you can see in the picture above I have lined up the six letters I need for my word using the top edge of my ruler as a guide, so that they are straight.  I have only lightly stuck them in place so that they can easily be removed.  Now I can move the whole word around my page (or a card for that matter) until I am happy with the placement.


This is where the transparent ruler comes in handy as you can clearly see the layout underneath and decide where your word should end up permanently.


When you are happy with the placement, you can press the tops of the letters down onto your project, whilst holding the ruler in place.


Once all your letters are stuck to the page, carefully tip up the ruler and slowly pull it away from the bottom of the letters.  You may need to either hold down the tops of the letters as you pull, and/or release the bottoms gently from the ruler (this depends on how tacky the adhesive is and whether you “overstuck” them to the ruler in the first place! lol)


Now you can press the bottoms of the letters down and, all being well, your alphas should look neat.

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