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Journaling Technique Number 2 – Lists

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLLists are a great way to provide  journaling on your scrapbook pages.  They are absolutely ideal for those who don’t enjoy writing the more in-depth sort of journaling.
You can include numbering with your lists, but bullet points, or stars do just as well, if not better, as they don’t particularly give a hierarchy to the words. 
Of course, you can include numbers to your information to act as captions for a multi-photo layout, especially if there are lots of smaller pictures, or in case you need to write  about each one, say for a bunch of wedding pictures… you know the ones… shots of hundreds of people that you either don’t know, or haven’t seen for 20 years!
If you want to provide a little more detail than just names and dates, but don’t particularly like the idea of writing “War and Peace” (ok that’s a bit of an extreme!!) then listing the poignant thoughts relating to the scrapbooking page is a quick and easy solution.
Don’t forget that these bullet points can be listed as single words, phrases or whole paragraphs, there is no limit.
Example of lists - Hidden strips of journaling

Example of lists - Hidden strips of journaling

Some favourites among scrapbookers are to make lists such as “My Favourite Things” or “5 Things About Me” “10 Reasons Why I Love You” and so on.

As for WHERE these lists go… well anywhere is the answer, but some ideas are:

separate strips of paper stapled in a column
or semi hidden strips of paper/card tucked behind a photo
typed list printed and matted into a journaling block
written directly on the page.

2 comments to Journaling Technique Number 2 – Lists

  • Jan

    Hi Sunday, Great new ideas for journaling. We have been printing out your freebie ones, the girls love them.
    I haven’t got scraparalysis exactly but trying to get to grips with Photoshop Elements. I’m keen to start a hybrid mini album, all gorgeous with ribbons etc like yours. Ha ha I’ll keep you posted about this. Thanks again for allowing me to download the “Beauty” set of papers Sunday, it’s very kind of you.

  • Hi Jan,
    You’re most welcome re the paper downloads, I think rather a lot of us know how it feels to lose our purchased digital stuff because of a poorly computer! Look forward to seeing your lovely hybrid mini album. Give me a shout if you would like any help!

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