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Journaling Technique Number 4 – Writing TO someone

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLFollowing on from Journaling techniques 1,2 and 3…  number 4 is the suggestion that you might like to write to someone! 

Yes, it could be a bit of a “Dear John” letter if you so wished, but actually I am referring to the sort of letter that you may write to your son or daughter if that happens to be what the scprapbook layout is about, or whoever is in the picture(s).

I like this sort of journaling as it can be very personal, but also something that others can read and understand too. 

You'd Do Anything For Her - scrapbook page by SundayLFor instance I made a page from a picture of my husband and our daughter entitled “You’d do Anything for Her”, in the journaling I addressed my husband (thanking him for being a good dad).

This Layout happened to be published and I also posted it on UKScrappers and had a number of comments from people seeing it ‘in real life’.  All understood the sentiment, some identified with it and the “addressee” was moved!

The Journaling reads…

You were such a frightened “father-to-be”, full of doubts and insecurities.
Now you have blossomed into a loving, doting father, sometimes too nice for your own (or Honey’s) good!
But you try the best way you know how, not always right, but always with love.
Our Daughter loves you very much and I can say with my hand on my heart…
Thank You for being a Wonderful Father.

So write to people, animals… say what you want to say to them, even speak to those you have lost.  Write to your children for them to read years later, when they are old enough to understand – such treasures will be appreciated by your family. 

Write in the present tense, say how you feel now, or just recall a memory, a conversation, an event.  I think you’ll be surprised how easy it can be.

1 comment to Journaling Technique Number 4 – Writing TO someone

  • marie-paule/colorado

    Thank you so much,Sunday, for you advise.
    Yes, it is true:journaling could be a good way of talking to family or relatives,as a sort of therapy (may I say) or just because you want to let them know what you exactly think and feel.people, nowadays are so terribly busy with their jobs that they forget to express their feelings
    have a good day , Sunday and thanks again, I love your scrap

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