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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Kids Scrapbooking Classes- Paper Bag Albums for Ages 9-11

I took two different classes at Honey’s school… the Juniors… the subject of the earlier post and the seniors, here are their finished Paper Bag Albums.


I gave the children a general idea of the content of the paper bag album (instead of an envelope album for the juniors) but focused on showing them different techniques each week, rather than the step-by-step page layout I did with the younger children.

It was good to see all the different interpretations, use of colour and design and general technique and there was a wide range of skills in 5 young people.

Although I provided the kits, which included scrapbooking papers and cardstock, the bags and ribbons, they also made good use of magazine pages for images and blocks of colours and this is a great way to provide for children’s scrapbooking.  Use the glossy magazines, as they have whole page size photos which are great for larger areas of colour to use as background papers on small albums, I provided a couple of copies of vogue.

4 comments to Kids Scrapbooking Classes- Paper Bag Albums for Ages 9-11

  • Valerie Martin

    Oh Sunday!!!

    I just wanted you to know that I have been following all “the Happenings” with your move!!! I have really been praying for your new venture because although I am sure it is very exciting I am also sure that it is very scary and stressful.

    I am very sorry that you lost your sweet fish…I know you loved him and raising KOI was something I did as a child because I grew up in a home with a pond that we cared for and I was very fond of my fish and my water Lilies.

    On to crafting…
    Love the idea of ribbon scraps from friends clothing!!! WOW…what a great idea and so resourceful.

    I LOVE these paper bag albums. I would love how you made the “base.” I had seen some before and was very intrigued but I still do not have the “recipe” for making the actual album part. I can’t believe that students made these…even in the junior class I think that are fabulous!!!

    Have a blessed day!!!
    Valerie Martin
    Bedford, Texas

  • Hello Valerie, Thanks for your well wishes… feel I really need them sometimes!

    The paperbags albums are made (usually) with three “lunch bags” placed together, folded in the middle and then, tied (through holes) or stapled or glued at the spine (fold) – I do turn over the one in the middle so that the openings are every other page instead of all together. If you use You Tube at all, search for “paper bag album tutorial” as there are many to watch and a ‘moving picture’ can paint a thousand words a lot quicker!

  • Millie Medina

    Beautifull…..I want to receive to my email information for your scrapbook……God Bless you.

  • OK Millie I will add you to the mailing list.
    Warm WIshes SundayL

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