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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Latest Scrapbook Layout – “Cute”

This is the first large (12×12) single photo scrapbook page I have made in a while.  Actually it’s the first “any type” of scrapbook page I have made in a while, but we’ll gloss over that shall we?!

I made myself STOP what I was “working” on and told myself to just DO some scrapbooking.  I was getting so frustrated because I had had no creative outlet as such, that I could feel myself becoming bitter and twisted! lol

Anyway here it is (excusing the rubbish lighting, that’s what comes of photographing something after dark and relying on a couple of desktop lamps to light the way, thank goodness I can use my phone to take the picture and not have to unwrap my SLR camera!)… oh and there is a little ScrapBooking TIP below!

Scrapbook Page "Cute" by SundayL

Scrapbook Page "Cute" - Detail

Here’s a little TIP - the black “shiny” flowers are only shiny because I have used a Clear Gloss on them.  The reason for doing this was that the flowers were not a strong black, they was a really dark green!

If you ever want to intensify a colour, especially black, on your scrapbook layout, try using Glossy Accents or any Clear Gloss, it must be the gloss reflecting the light back, or something tehnicall like that!  I have used this technique before for bringing out some black text that was getting lost in the pattern of the paper it was printed on.  It works, you should try it!  But be careful if you are going over inkjet type, as being water soluble the text with smudge and run… keep within the boudaries of the letters.

10 comments to Latest Scrapbook Layout – “Cute”

  • Jenny Rogers

    Hi I would email but I cant figure what your email is but I love your site have not been watching for long. I struggle with my layouts for the most part and especialy for creating mini books for my relatives and friends. I am stuck particularly on a pocket book layout with sliding doors . Please do carry on and if I can be of help in any way let me know.

    Loved your cute page.

  • Laura Kelly

    I love the newsletter but will take it in any form or time frame. I think in the past I really used the blog more because you shoe everything. I have marked the blog so I can keep checking. I guess as long as I do that I could live without the newsletter if that would help you.

  • SallyB

    Hi Sunday ~ YES you should continue with the newsletter. It’s friendly to read, it contains some really useful advice and I genuinely do look forward to receiving it.
    Why don’t you slow it down for the time being to once every other month if it’s too much at the moment? That way, hopefully, you won’t feel the pressure quite so much.
    I love the tutorials you do and I love that you share your passion and enthusiasm of crafting …. 1600 recipients is no mean feat. So please keep up the good work Sunday. I for one would very much miss the newsletter. Happy 2nd Birthday “it”!! :)
    S xx

  • this is a lovely /cute page so sweet and thanks for the tip.

  • Hello Jenny, Thank You for leaving a comment – the email address is, or, or you can just reply to the email you receive from me re the Newsletter.
    Do you have a picture of your pocket book layout so far that you can send me, I may be able to help you finish it. Or describe what your problem is.
    And thank you for the offer of help… the best way you and anyone else can help is to leave comments/emails so that I know that what I am spending time doing here, is of use to you out there! And… best of all, ask questions, I can then try to find solutions and thereby help others at the same time.
    Warm Wishes Sunday x

  • Thank you Laura! The Newsletter is basically a roundup of the posts on the blog… when I started I was running a blog AND a completely separate newsletter – my goodness that WAS hard work… so I have already reduced one work load, but there is still much to keep up! Your comment is most helpful.
    Warm Wishes SundayL

  • Hello Sally, Your comment is very interesting! Interesting because the Newsletter has actually already become a “bi-monthly” since April as I really couldn’t find the time. The good news about that is that you didn’t notice, for which I am grateful! But I think a quarterly may well a good compromise!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Warm Wishes

  • Hello Lean, lovely here from you!
    Warm Wishes

  • Sue

    This ‘Cute’ scrappage is so adorable. Your daughter is one of the sweetest, prettiest faces that I’ve seen for a long time. A real darling.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  • [...] Latest Scrapbook Layout – “Cute” | SundayLDesigns – Latest Scrapbook Layout – “Cute” This is the first large (12×12) single photo scrapbook page I have made in a while. Actually it’s the first “any type” of scrapbook page I have made in a while, … oh and there is a little ScrapBooking TIP below! … [...]

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