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Making your own Scrapbooking Page Kit – Limiting Supplies

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLI posted a video a while ago about how to make your own page kit from your own scrapbooking supplies (Own Scrapbook Kit Article) The video has been included in this post below.
Recently I had a comment left on the video at my You Tube channel, and I copy it here as it illustrates a common trait in us scrapbookers… or even, crafters in general. 
The comment went as follows…
“how awesome, I have always wanted to do this and never really thought about how I can do it . I watched other vid’s and they just show you how to add stuff but not the whole process, plus you explained about the brads and how you can always go back and get them (you don’t need all of them) I need to do this ASAP because I started pulling stuff out for my mini Valentine’s kit and I know I will not but using all of that stuff but my mind believes that I would. I need to go back and limit myself.TFS “
This is a common problem… we all (myself included) procrastinate on our layouts because we spend ages sifting through our scrapbooking stash over and over again.  We need to limit ourselves before we stare at a blank sheet of cardstock!
It’s definitely worth watching the video if you need some ideas about getting only a few things together so that you can actually DO some scrapbooking, and of course, it’s great for preparing to go to a crop, and you might even achieve a page layout whilst you’re there!
I use the same technique for gathering ideas for pages, which I then scrapbook at home.  It helps with time management too.  Gradually pop things in the “holding bag” as and when you notice them or have a little time. 
Then, when you have a gap in your life schedule, you will get more from those precious crafting minutes if you have done half of the work by making some of the decisions about colours/theme etc beforehand.
Anyway, I repeat the video here for you… got any other ideas?

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