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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Let’s Take Issue – Mini Marvels – 8×8 Scrapbook pages?

I was re-reading an issue of Scrapbook Magazine and came across an article called ‘Mini Marvels’ (Page 50 of issue 66).  The subheading was “Caroline South shows us how to scrap in miniature with her cute 8×8″ page designs”.

Lovely scrapbook pages they are too, one of them shown almost full size on a page.  So why am I wittering on about this?

Well I take a ‘mini’ issue with the reference to 8×8 scrapbook pages being ‘miniature’!  A miniature scrapbook page is one that is 4×4 perhaps or even smaller.  I teach scrapbooking using 8×8 to sgart people off… ALWAYS!  It’s perfect for beginners as it’s no where near as daunting as a 12×12 blank page staring back at you!


They are quicker to do as there is less to ‘cover’ and you can get a whole background page from an A4 piece of paper (letter size), and of course, I sell (and give away) printable scrapbook papers on A4 which are perfect for 8×8 pages.  But DON’T BE FOOLED… they may be only two thirds of a full 12 in page, but they can hold just as many pictures.  I have managed 5 good sized photos on one page (shown above) and with the use of a mini book attached to another page, I managed to fit on even more photos.

I have made many 8 inch scrapbook pages and have hand-made albums to keep them in. 

So please if you read that article, or haven’t tried 8×8 pages before… do give them a try,  they are not miniature, or less significant that 12×12 and you will find them surprisingly satisfying!

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