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Mini Scrapbook Album with mixed sized pages

Way back in December (seems ages ago now!) I attended a local Scrapbooking crop and as it was the Christmas crop, the host provided a kit for a mini album, and here is my end result!


It’s a “gate fold” mini album and it was great fun to make.

gate-opening-mini-album-02 by SundayL

I particularly like the random nature of the pages being half page horizontal and some half page vertical. (Click on the pictures below to enlarge)

gate-opening-mini-album-03 by SundayL

Here are some of the other pages, left blank for either my pictures or I may give this as a gift to someone.

gate-opening-mini-album-04 by SundayL

 The kit included a sheet of panels with various shapes (such as the brack shapes) – great for scrapbooking mini albums.

gate-opening-mini-album-05 by SundayL

 Sadly, the sheet was double sided so I had to choose carefully what to use where!

gate-opening-mini-album-06 by SundayL

The host of the crop has a huge range of punches, including really intricate border punches and I just “have” to use them for something – if you know what I mean?!  So I used one for a pale border on top of the brown card, which you can see above.

gate-opening-mini-album-07 by SundayL

You can get a better idea of the different pages by looking at the mini album from above. 

gate-opening-mini-album-08 by SundayL

The hinges/spines, on each side, are just made from fold card in to concertina and adhering the pages to it.

gate-opening-mini-album-09 by SundayL

gate-opening-mini-album-10 by SundayL

 The front is fastened with a magnet siliconed to the underside of the large brown flower and another placed under the ribbon on the other cover.  They are small but quite powerful little magnets.  Unfortunately, Tracey, the host couldn’t remember from where she sourced them.

I should have taken a photo of everyone’s creations together as we all made slightly different looking albums from the same kit, which I always find fascinating.  I have to admit to copying Tracey’s example pretty closely, as I enjoyed the easy process of copying rather than working from scratch.

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