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Money Saving Advice for Scrapbooking Beginners

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayL

I am often asked about how to start scrapbooking (as mentioned in a recent post).  This is what I tell them…

Firstly, you need know what you want to achieve in order to know what you need to buy!

If you just want to dabble, to try out Scrapbooking then you will only need a few supplies and here is an article I wrote showing, step by step how I used only normal things found around the house, effectively making a “free” scrapbook page.

If you know that you want to scrapbook a particular event (say a Holiday or birth) or maybe (as many people do) start with a whole “This is your life to date” type of album (not recommended for beginners!) then you will need some supplies, however I would start with dabbling a bit first!

I would suggest that you do a lot of “cheating” and buy a kit!  But don’t go mad, buy one… use it, then buy another.  Try not fall in the trap of “oooh that’s nice, I’ll buy it” and then get home and not know what to do with it!

Kits should include papers, embellishments, stickers, alphas (eg alphabet stickers) this will save a beginner a LOT of heart ache! and a lot of cash because you won’t be buying lots of different things.

It’s too easy to walk into a craft shop and end up buying lots of lovely “little” things, but when you get home you find they aren’t really suitable for your scrapbooking. Mostly these little bits and pieces are made for cardmaking.

My mum is a great one for buying loads of stuff, which she then offers to me as she can’t actually find a use for them!! Of course, they are of little use to me as a scrapbooker, however grouping lots of little bits and pieces together to make one larger (area) of embellishment can look good.

I always look at scrapbook embellishments and carefully consider firstly, if I could make it myself, and then secondly whether I am prepared to pay someone else to make it for me!

I actually like the act of creating embellishments from scratch, but metal items I won’t make myself, so will purchase those. 

Another tip for saving money whilst achieving a god result is to make mini albums. simple little projects are fairly quick, with high instant satisfaction levels (!) and do’t cost the earth to make due to their size.  I often demonstrate mini albums of various shapes and sizes and they are always well received.  Check out THIS set of blog posts for some tutorials and video tours of Mini Scrapbook Albums.

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