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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Patchwork Style Scrapbooking

There are a number of ways that you can achieve a “patchwork” feel to your scrapbooking pages, and indeed this style can be used to great effect on cards too.

I call this a “style” as opposed to a technique because, as I am about to show, you can achieve the look in a number of ways.

In the layout below (also shown in THIS Page Tour Video) I have created the feel of a scrapbook page by cutting squares of paper, distressing their edges and then using a sewing machine to stitch around the edges.

scrapbooking page Laugh Together

To save on time I only stitched where it would be seen outside of the photoblock. I was either in a hurry, or I was running low on the right coloured thread (or possibly both, LOL !) 

I then used double sided tape to stick the squares to the background Mulberry paper.  It was much easier to do this than actually sew the squares in place.

Putting the paper patchwork together

I also used the sewing machine to create this “patchwork feel” (below).  I used the zigzag stitch and sewed in straight lines/corners.  I got this idea from a skirt in a shop window actually, the material looked like patchwork from afar, but when I studied it there was just stitching “inferring” patchwork. 

Using machine stitch zig zag to make a scrapbooking page pocket

Also, I stitched the maroon panel on three sides to make a pocket on the page.

Scrapbook page stitched pocket

I noticed, when I turned over the page, that the pattern made by the stitching on the white paper was actually rather effective, and so you could easily sew a contrasting thread onto light paper (or vice versa) and create a nice effect.  Maybe good for more masculine pages and cards?!

Contrasting stitching could be good for more masculine pages and cards

Other ways to create a patchwork feel for pages is to Fake It!  Just draw stitching along the edges of paper or, as in the case below, I have actually photocopied some scraps of actual material and then added my hand drawn stitching.  Of course you can buy rub-ons to do the same thing, but drawing the stitches is a lot cheaper and more flexible for corners and the like.

Photocopied scraps of material with drawn on stitching

Here’s a close up of the hand drawn stitches.  Quite effective don’t you agree?

Close up of drawn on stitching

And finally, here is a card I made using my sewing machine.  Quite a lot of stitching on this one, but it definitely give a card that extra special feel.  I stitched the patchwork onto a separate piece of cardstock first and then adhered that to the front of a card blank, which also hid the back of the brad holding the ribbon in place.

Stitched patchwork-style card ready for a greeting to be added

And here is a close up of the stitching.

Stitched patchwork style card close up

Of course you can actually hand stitch your layouts and cards, but don’t forget the sewing machine, or better still your pens!

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