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Resting Place for my Beloved Dog

I mentioned in a recent post (An October Walk), where I posted some pictures of an oak tree, that I would post a little story about a special Oak.

Well, not too long ago I lived in a house which we renamed “Badgers Oak” when we moved in.  There was a magnificent Oak tree in the garden, but I named it ‘Badgers Oak’ because I knew it would be the last home of my beloved dog ‘Badger’ as he was 14 when we moved there. 

Scrapbook page-Badger by SundayL

This is a picture of Badger when he was only about 18 months old.

I knew I would have to be burying him in the garden in the not too distant future and therefore it would be his last Resting Place.

That fateful day came on Christmas Eve 2003, two weeks after the birth of my daughter, and poor old Badger was laid to rest in the North West corner of the garden where we planted an Oak sapling from the main tree on top of him.

We made the decision to leave that house after the sudden death of my Dad aged a mere 55, and so in 2006 we had to leave Badger behind.

I don’t know whether the oak sapling has survived it’s new owners, and to be honest I don’t want to go back to find out.  I want to remember my boy Badger as I left him, with an Oak Tree to mark the spot for hundreds of years.

I had a little head stone made, as we have for all our dogs who’ve left us, we keep those with us and find a quiet little spot in each garden in which we live to put them. And Badger’s reads…

My Shadow, My Friend

He was a dear little man, who everyone loved, and although it’s nearly 7 years now, I still miss him.

Sweet Dreams Badge x

2 comments to Resting Place for my Beloved Dog

  • Ella

    I’ve just read your blog about Badger!!! I now feel so sad I feel like crying. Your words are so sad! Oh dear Lord! My beautiful Sonto is only 20 months old and I just can’t bear the thought of burying him! Did you get another beloved?

  • Hello… sorry to make you feel sad! We had two other dogs at the time (and a 2 week old daughter) so didn’t have time to wallow! However, a few years later I bought a border collie, Inde who is a sweety, he’s not as friendly to people as Badger was because he is a bit timid, and since the other two have passed on now, we also have a year old Jack Russell. But with all the pain that the death of a pet can bring, I wouldn’t miss the 15 years of friendship I had with my Badger for anything, and it never puts me off getting new dogs.
    Enjoy your time with Sonto, and always be thankful for a dog’s unconditional love. xx SundayL

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