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Saying Goodbye to Oscar

Today was a bit of a sad day for me, as I had to bury one of my Koi.  Oscar just didn’t make it through, what with the move from the old house to the holding tank and then into the new pond, coupled with the very cold weather we have just had. 

He was about 14 years old and was the first koi I bought when I moved from Surrey up here to Suffolk.  He used to feed from my hand in the early days until I bought some more koi a few years later and Tango – my other big koi – muscled him out of my hand feeding, so I lost that contact.  Not to mention the fact that with a child in the house at that point, the likelihood of my staying patiently still with food in my hand in the water was nil!


So Oscar has gone to that great koi pond in the sky.  This is the most recent picture I have of him, which is not very good as Tango always has to take centre stage, so I don’t have many of Oscar.  But you can see him briefly in a little video I made of my fish last summer.

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