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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Scrapbooking By The Pool

Ok, So it’s not a pretty sight, but it isproof of me “Scrapbooking by the Pool”!  Actually this shot was rather dark in the foreground because of the contrast caused by me sitting in the shade and the brightness of the hotel swimming pool in the background.  However, my trusy PSE (PhotoShop Elements) allowed me to fiddle with it. Shame I can’t “fiddle” a couple of stone off my body at the same time eh?! LOL


So… my limited scrapbooking supplies you can see above on the little drinks table - it’s a bit clearer in the picture below.  I packed everything in my suitcase to avoid anything being confiscated when going through security at the airport.  The flight is only just over 2 hours to Palma from our local airport so I only had a magazine and a notebook in hand luggage.  If I had been going on a longer flight… such as to the States (around 9 hours to Miami for instance) then I may well have taken some of my scrapbooking stash with me in the cabin… not scissors of course!


So my supplies were:
A Small set of Aqua pencils (with a few watercolours in the pack too – you can see in the photo above),
Pencil, eraser, ruler, double sided tape, sticky dots, emery board, aqua brush,
Small set of coloured pens,
Some 6×6″ and 8×8″ patterned papers (some of which were of my own… Colourful Beauty Collection which I had printed in advance obviously)
A pre-cut and folded piece of 12×12 to make a Mini-Album – See this article and video on the site about that.
And some plain white paper.  I also took a 4×4 blank paper bag album, but didn’t do much with that.


This Mini Scrapbook Album was made from my Colourful Beauty Collection of papers which I had already printed using a colour laser printer, so the colours wouldn’t bleed should they get “a bit” wet (by the pool).   And as so, this mini album is a true Hybrid Scrapbook Album!

I ripped the paper along the ruler to cut it down to size and as I then distressed all the edges anyway, it didn’t matter that they were not crisp and clean cut.  The picture above shows how I managed to “ink” the edges of the paper and cardstock. 

Well I didn’t take any inks, did I? so I improvised with a baby wipe and my aqua pencils/watercolour blocks.  It worked rather well actually and with the baby wipe I was able to blend the colours too, without adding much, if any, extra water.


This last picture shows the template I cut from a piece of scrap paper, which I then used to cut out a bracket shape block from a blue piece of patterned paper.  I then defined the edges with my watercolour and baby wipe technique!  (I will explain the TIP for making your own bracket shapes in another post soon.)

Next time I will show you the whole album finished as far as I could go (ie without the photos) and explain how I managed to make the title of the album.

6 comments to Scrapbooking By The Pool

  • SallyB

    What a lovely, simple idea. Just a quick question, would you pre-cut everything if you were going on a long flight? Or do you have another cleverly, brilliant Sunday type idea?! :0)
    Thanks for sharing Sunday ~ it must take you hours to put your newsletters together, and in every one, I find something (most things actually!) useful and really interesting.
    S x

  • Hi Sal, I did pre-cut and fold the piece of 12×12 which made the album, as I knew a flat piece of card that size would not remain flat in my suitcase! But I did pack a pair of scissors in the suitcase for cutting and I ripped against a ruler the main background papers.

  • I love how you scrapbook everywhere thats real nice, but I was just wondering how you always have an idea for a scrapbooking page??

    It must take you hours to write your newsletters and I think they are really cool and intresting
    Tiffany x

  • Thanks for your kind comments Tiffany. As for ideas for scrapbook pages… my inspiration comes from magazines, the internet of course, and things like packaging or catalogues. I like scrapbooking for the paper craft, rather than just to archive my pictures, so I often make pages and mini albums without photos, it means you can enjoy the freedom of your stash and not be constrained by photo colours or themes.

  • I like the way you are so creative but How do you seem to pick out the background for each picture and stuff!
    I mean do you go by certain colours for certain piccys?? Thanks for yur time .Shania.

  • Yes Shania, usually if I am using coloured photographs, then for me those colours in the pictures dictate the papers mostly. After that, then the mood, for instance, playful pictures would have playful patterned paper in there somewhere. Just as older sepia photographs are kept with vintage style papers and colours (in general) Whenever anyone gets stuck, I suggest they make up a page with no photo, just pick out some co-ordinating colours. Or if they just don’t have the colours in the photos available in paper, I suggest a mono-tone layout, whites, creams, black and white, and then just add a touch of colour from the photos in the embellishments, such as buttons, flowers, brads, etc. Hope that helps!

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