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Scrapbooking ‘Off the Page’ – Video

Scrapbooking Off the Page - Video Tour by SundayLHere’s a video for you! Here I am showing you a couple of items I have made with my scrapbooking supplies that aren’t scrapbook pages.

I use my stash for all sorts of things, especially now that I own and run a Tearooms!  But both of these items could be used as gifts, if slightly tweeked… you’ll see what I mean!

I filmed this video back in the Summer last year and haven’t had a chance to edit and upload it until now… how the time flies.

4 comments to Scrapbooking ‘Off the Page’ – Video

  • sandra walsh

    Dear Sunday I have just watched your latest video and was very inspired. I think using a canvas is a very good idea. Can you answer me a question, I recently bought two small books both of them have front and backs in board. Both 6 x 6. One has rings inside the packet that you insert yourself when book completed, and the other has the rings already in. They both have quite a few plain pages. My question is what can I do with them? I am ok with something like this if somebody gives me a few ideas, once I get going I am ok. If you remember I sent you pictures of my first scrapbook and I took your advice and just thought about one page at a time, really good advice, and I was really proud with my effort when I had finished it. I will also look at your past videos to see if anything on there inspires me. I hope your tearooms go from strength to strength, after all your hard work last year. Please don’t stop doing the newsletter I look forward to reading it, it is always something different. Keep up the good work.

    Sandra Walsh

  • Hello Sandra,
    Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad I have been able to help you with your scrapbooking, that’s why I do all this! With regard to the blank albums you have recently bought, as they are fairly small (6×6) I would use them for an event, or one theme. For instance I used a whole mini album (5×7) for a bunch of pictures I took in the mirror of my daughter and myself together, so it doesn’t have to be a birthday or day out!

    Also you mention there are a number of blank pages… You can discard some of those, don’t feel you have to fill them all. These albums are meant to be flexible. If you have lots of deep embellishments on the pages you may not be able to use all the pages anyway.

    If you can’t think of an event or single theme right now, but you want to get stuck into the albums them just make them up leaving spaces for photos and journaling, you can then add the pictures later. Take the opportunity to play with some favourite papers, etc that you have been saving. I always suggest making some white paper rectangles to place temporarily in the album to help give you a structured photo space which helps to design around.

    I hope that helps in some way.

    Warm Wishes… SundayL

    P.S. the Tearooms have started the year very well, long may it continue and improve as the seasons progress!

  • Adrienne

    Those were some very beautiful projects Sunday! Who knew you could scrapbook a canvas?! :)

  • Beautiful mini canvas and the box i love it great work Sundayl.

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