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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
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Scrapbooking to a Better Life – Try Intentional Scrapbooking

Sometimes in life (in my case quite often since opening a Tearooms business which seemed to hit the ground running!) you can feel a bit overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’ on your ‘ToDo’ list.  I felt a bit like this recently and decided to down tools… well in an office/admin sort of way and clear a space for me to make myself a scrapbook page with an affirmation on it (for want of a better word).

This is the result.

All The Time I Need by SundayL

This is another of my Intentional Scrapbook Pages, and by that I mean it’s a scrapbook page that I can put on view to remind me to think in a particular way.  A pretty affirmation if you will as it is aesthetically pleasing, or at least I like it!  I have made these before.

You might be interested in a couple of items on this Scrapbook Layout.

Firstly the photograph I took back in October, my blog post about it is here.  Now that’s not because it is particularly ‘David Bailey’ in any way (does that translate across the pond? in fact I don’t think the youngsters of today know who David Bailey is!)… anyway, not because it’s good, but because I deliberately took the picture with a lot of the foreground which is cast into black shadow.  And the reason for that is because I knew I wanted to use it to put white text over.  I wrote a little about that here.

Then there are the two clocks which are graphics printed onto glossy photographic paper, which work rather well I thought, and I bought these online… they are digital scrapbooking elements… here I have used them in a ‘hybrid way’

The black and white, bracket shaped piece of paper was made from an ordinary white piece of paper which has been stamped with black ink.

So here are a few closeups…

"All The Time I Need" scrapbook layout Close up 1

"All The Time I Need" scrapbook layout Close up 2

"All The Time I Need" scrapbook layout Close up 3

"All The Time I Need" scrapbook layout Close up 4

Oh and finally, whilst I was making this scrapbook page, Honey (7) was making one too… hence the couple of matching items!  However, she did do this all without my help!  She even recoloured the wooden flowers to lime green and bright pink to co-ordinate with the other elements!

"Family" by Honey

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