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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Butterfly Theme Mini Paper Bag Album – Video Tour

Here’s the first of four videos showing  the paper bag albums I made for relatives for Christmas.  These are videos made from stills which I talk about.  I didn’t have time to film real time videos, as I was ‘up against it’ to get them finished and wrapped!!! Video at the botton of this post.

ScrapBuddies Workshop – Mini Back-Pack Scrapbook Album

At a recent ScrapBuddies ‘get together’  I demonstrated how to make this little Back Pack Scrapbook Album and some of the group followed along to make their own.  It’s all of 3 inches wide, and is very cute.

I got the idea from HERE and you will also find the instructions as to how to make one for yourself… quite easy!

Mini Back-Pack Scrapbook Album by SundayL

Kids Scrapbooking Classes- Paper Bag Albums for Ages 9-11

I took two different classes at Honey’s school… the Juniors… the subject of the earlier post and the seniors, here are their finished Paper Bag Albums.


I gave the children a general idea of the content of the paper bag album (instead of an envelope album for the juniors) but focused on showing them different techniques each week, rather than the step-by-step page layout I did with the younger children.

It was good to see all the different interpretations, use of colour and design and general technique and there was a wide range of skills in 5 young people.

Although I provided the kits, which included scrapbooking papers and cardstock, the bags and ribbons, they also made good use of magazine pages for images and blocks of colours and this is a great way to provide for children’s scrapbooking.  Use the glossy magazines, as they have whole page size photos which are great for larger areas of colour to use as background papers on small albums, I provided a couple of copies of vogue.

Mini Album Page Planner – Newsletter Subscriber Freebie

In the January issue of the Newsletter I promised and Free Download (as usual) of a Page Planner for Mini Scrapbook Albums.  For those already signed up to the newsletter, I have just sent the link for the free download, if you would like it too, then sign up and the latest newsletter that you will get instant access to will give you a link to all the freebies, past and present.


The picture illustrates a printed sheet of the planner which I have used to sketch out the pages and ideas for content of the paper bag book you can see underneath.


The sheet is already set out with a box for front and back covers (at the top left) and then 5 more double page layouts, with the pages numbered.

This is great for using when you want to create a whole album about something, such as I have here with a mini scrapbook album about our holiday (which was my daughter’s first one ever aged 2 and a half).

Of course this sheet could easily be used for any size album, from something 3×3″ to 12×12″.

Mini Scrapbook Album with mixed sized pages

Way back in December (seems ages ago now!) I attended a local Scrapbooking crop and as it was the Christmas crop, the host provided a kit for a mini album, and here is my end result!


It’s a “gate fold” mini album and it was great fun to make.

gate-opening-mini-album-02 by SundayL

I particularly like the random nature of the pages being half page horizontal and some half page vertical. (Click on the pictures below to enlarge)

gate-opening-mini-album-03 by SundayL

Here are some of the other pages, left blank for either my pictures or I may give this as a gift to someone.

gate-opening-mini-album-04 by SundayL

 The kit included a sheet of panels with various shapes (such as the brack shapes) – great for scrapbooking mini albums.

gate-opening-mini-album-05 by SundayL

 Sadly, the sheet was double sided so I had to choose carefully what to use where!

gate-opening-mini-album-06 by SundayL

The host of the crop has a huge range of punches, including really intricate border punches and I just “have” to use them for something – if you know what I mean?!  So I used one for a pale border on top of the brown card, which you can see above.

gate-opening-mini-album-07 by SundayL

You can get a better idea of the different pages by looking at the mini album from above. 

gate-opening-mini-album-08 by SundayL

The hinges/spines, on each side, are just made from fold card in to concertina and adhering the pages to it.

gate-opening-mini-album-09 by SundayL

gate-opening-mini-album-10 by SundayL

 The front is fastened with a magnet siliconed to the underside of the large brown flower and another placed under the ribbon on the other cover.  They are small but quite powerful little magnets.  Unfortunately, Tracey, the host couldn’t remember from where she sourced them.

I should have taken a photo of everyone’s creations together as we all made slightly different looking albums from the same kit, which I always find fascinating.  I have to admit to copying Tracey’s example pretty closely, as I enjoyed the easy process of copying rather than working from scratch.

Circle Mini Album for Shimelle’s online class

Thank you to those of you who have commented on Here and via Facebook and forums regarding my last post.  I am still here, and I have been warmed by the kind words you have spoken, some from complete strangers, although in our world of scrapbooking (and general paper crafting) we are all friends… right?! So once you make contact with me… you are no longer a stranger!

Anyway, I have had these photos of my work for the “Learn Something New Everyday” class at  The first page is rather ironic, as I haven’t kept up!  I have done up to Sept 9th, and in only 8 pages… yep I missed one, Day 5! <tut and rolling eyes>

So here are a few of the pages, I will show the rest in the next post.

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 1

My initial plan was to make a hybrid scrapbook album, and the first page is a hybrid page.  The only physical things on this page are the blue rik rak, the flower and the brad.  I also hand wrote the journaling and the date.  But everything else on this page is effectively a digital page.

The main album page size is just under 6 inches diameter and I’m using a blank album freebie that came with a magazine.  Pages one and two are the full size.

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 2

However, pages three and four below are only 3.5 inches in diameter and they are actually based (the paper is covering) on cardstock circle sides that were holding ribbon on a reel… Have I explained that clearly?! :-?

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 3

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 4

It was an interesting exercise working immediately back-to-back, where I had to blend in the back of things as they were showing on the other side.  I stamped the white back of the green paper ring (above) to blend it in with page 3.

In the next post I will show you the next pages, including acrylic pages.

3 Easy 4×4 mini albums – Video Tour 2

Here is the second of three short videos (this one is 2 and a half minutes), taking a look at three mini albums I made using only one piece of 8×8″ cardstock each and some patterned paper.  I didn’t have anything else to hand when I made these mini albums apart from scissors and some double sided tape, oh and I borrowed a pencil too! 

This little book was designed with little boys in mind!  A nice boyish theme the papers being from ”Hopscotch”, a 6×6″ pad of papers by K&Co.

Easy, Quick Mini Album for a Boy

I made these albums to be sold, so I have left areas blank for photographs and journaling, and I will be putting little blank rectangles of paper to show where things should go.  After all… a lot of people don’t even know what scrapbooking is (amazingly enough! lol) Below is a picture of all three of the albums.

3 Easy Mini Albums by SundayL

The first of the videos is HERE and shows the little album on the left in the picture above.  Next time I will show you the one on the right!

Scrapbooking Class – I signed up!

I signed up to my first online class with Shimelle Laine of  Its the “Learn Something New Every Day” Class and is for the month of September.

Learn Something New Everyday Online Class for Sept 09

So this being 1st September, the first Prompt arrived in my inbox today and I have been thinking about it.  Bascially the idea is to make an album which journals something that you have learnt that day… every day for September.

Apparently it’s been running each September since 2006, and so there are veterans to the class as well as newbies on the forum.  It costs just £8 for the month long class with daily prompts and ideas and access to the forum, which I have to say, is buzzing with pictures from all those people a lot more organised than myself and have already made their covers!

Thankfully the class is totally flexible and there are no deadlines, which is good as I have only just chosen my format.  And that will be to make use of a 5.5 inch circular album which was a freebie with Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine… shame they no longer have freebies!

Anyway I have replaced the 1″ book ring with a 2″ ring, and I will need to add some pages.  And I think as part of my learning for this month I will be scrapping “out of my comfort zone” and choosing designs I wouldn’t normally choose, plus I will be producing hybrid pages!

Stay tuned for my updates!

Mini Album – Scrapbook By The Pool

In the last article I showed you what limited supplies I had when on holiday abroad (Majorca) and managed to make a mini album.  Well here is the album! This is a Hybrid Scrapbook Album as the papers I have used are from the Colourful Beauty Kit of downloadable papers  (Click on the pictures for an enlargement.)

Scrapbook by the Pool album cover

It’s based on the Mini Album in THIS article (and Video).  Here’s the first of the inside pages below.

Scrapbook by the pool pages 1 and 2

Yep, good old fashioned tracing!  I had some lightweight paper with me and used my copy of Scrapbook Inspirations to trace a variety of letters from various pages of the magazine!  Here’s the proof I had the magazine with me (in fact I had two issues with me!!


Here are some more pages (below).  I have lightly tacked the white blocks to show where the photos will go and left space for journaling.  The word “pool” was traced and used as a template onto some patterned paper and cut out.

Scrapbook by the Pool pages 1, 3 and 4

On the first inside page I placed a “ripped paper” flower (which could sort of double as a sun!) and I wanted to use dimensional pads to give a little more 3D to the “petals” but, of course, I didn’t have any pads, only double sided tape.   So I folded some of the double sided tape over on itself to make mini dimensional pads, and they worked just as well!

Ripped paper embellishment

Below is a closeup of one of the corners of the pages showing the inked edges of the cardstock base (which was a baby pink and I coloured it a little “browner” to match in with the patterned papers more) and the blue inking of the distressed paper edges.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures for enlargements!