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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Let’s Take Issue – Scrapbook Magazine Issue 56

scrapbook-mag-56-coverI may make this a regular blog post, something a little bit controversial, but for now I think we’ll ‘take issue’ with a couple of items in the latest issue of Scrapbook Magazine, to which I subscribe.

Issue 56, which I received June 28th, includes some ‘off the page’ scrapbooking. It is a good idea to use up your stash on things other than layouts, and on page 55 of the current issue there is an article on how to decorate things such as notebooks, postcards and shoeboxes (for the onslaught of millions of holiday snaps, note taking and the like!).

Now this is all very grand, but take notebooks for example… you take a notebook on holiday with you for jotting down those important moments… (maybe or maybe not) but the last thing you need is the extra weight of embellishments, or the ‘bits’ stuck on the outside of the notebook that keep catching on things, like the inside of your bag every time you take it in or out to write! Not very practical.

Possibly decorate a notebook as a gift for someone, or to use at home, but holiday/travel notebooks need to be smooth and trouble free.

canvas-bagOn page 66 of the same issue… it gets worse! The idea for scrapping off page this time is to use your stash to decorate a tote bag… yes… a canvas bag! How long is THAT going to last, I ask you?!

I studied hard and assumed that fabric must have been hand stitched to the canvas of the tote, but no… on reading it is indeed patterned paper! I’m sorry but that’s just daft. That tote, is now no longer a useable bag! Yes it looks pretty, but it’s now a suitable only as a wall hanging. With that bag in use, the embellishment will last 5 minutes!

Is that just ‘using your stash for the sake of it’?

Cute Video – Little Boy and his Dog

I found this video in a roundabout way via a scrapbooking online mag belive it or not.

Made better with the sentiment of the song, you’ll most likely know the singer straight away!

Simple Question – No answer!

scrapbooking-chit-chat-logoMy daughter (aged 6) asked me a very simple and resonable question last night at the dinner table.  It was a question to which my reply was…
“Actually, I have absolutely no idea, and I’m not sure where, or if, I could find a definite answer!”

Trust a child to come up with a simplicity of life that we have all taken as read, taken for granted, and not questioned ourselves and ask ‘why?’.

I may well do a scrapbook page just about this!… The Question…?

“Who invented Please and Thank You?”