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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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3 Easy 4×4 mini albums – Video Tour 3

Here is the last in the series of short videos showing you the three mini scrapbook albums I made using just one piece of 8×8 cardstock and patterned paper each.  This album is quite “girly” using more K&Co Papers “Sparkly Sweet”.  All the albums are 4×4 and quite cute really! 

I’ve had a few questions on how to actually make the template and cut the cardstock to make the pretty edges, so I will post a short video shortly showing you exactly how to do it!

Easy Mini Album number 3 by SundayL

These albums are great as little gifts, either filled with photos, or just leaving spaces for photos and journaling so that your recipient can stick in their own!

I hope you enjoy the video.

How I Made Chocolate Bar (Candy Bar) Wrappers

In the last article I showed you the Birthday Vouchers I made for my husband.  Well here is a picture of the 5 small bars of chocolate I also gave him, I left them around the house for him to find. (My daughter and I were visiting folks so weren’t at home on his birthday).

Chocolate (candy bar) Wrappers

I used one of the original paper wrappers of the bars of chocolate as a template.  In Photoshop Elements (PSE) I created a piece of paper that was the same dimensions and then just dragged digital background paper over the top, till I was happy. 

I then measured the original wrapper again to see where I needed to position the words.

screenshot of candy bar wrappers

Here is a screenshot showing the wrapper before it was printed.  However I didn’t print from PSE, I saved the image as a JPEG and then printed 2 to a page in using MS Word. (Btw the cross-hatching on the screen there is just the grid I had on view to help with positioning).

Although I created this one in PSE, it would be as easy to do in something like Word with a coloured text box and some white coloured text on top.  Or if you were feeling more adventurous – pull in a digital background (as it is just a picture) into Word and then crop it to the size you want.  Then add a clear text box on top of the background and create white text in it.

I made a video (in an article) about putting white text on photos which is the same technique – Click here to view.

Birthday Vouchers for a Man!

This is the case for the Vouchers I made for my husband recently as part of his birthday present.  What do you buy the man who has everything? LOL

Birthday Vouchers Case for a Man

Well boringly he got the tie, socks, shirt, chocs and booze, but it’s always difficult to buy something “different”.  So I came across some templates whilst looking around at printable products (other than my own) and they were for valentines day vouchers actually.

Birthday Vouchers Case for a Man - rear

Above is the back of the case – by the way!… Anyway, normally I would make my own from scratch, but instead I bought the download and then adjusted it to my needs by adding papers (which were from some free downloadable background papers by Cinzia Loosemore)

Birthday Vouchers for a Man

Above is the first of 5 vouchers I made, bespoke for my husband!  For instance, one of them was to have his favourite meal cooked… a voucher which needed the 24 hours notice!  Unfortunately I have felt so ill since his birthday that he will have to wait a while longer before he can redeem of them!

Envelope embellished with freebie download stamp

I put the vouchers into this envelope, along with a custom wrapped chocolate bar (see next article).  If you are a subscriber to the newsletter you may recognise the stamp I used?!  It’s from a set of downloadable templates in the October 2008 issue (you can insert whatever picture you wish, btw, you don’t have to have the example picture).

In the next article I will show you the chocolate wrappers I made.