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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
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How I Made Chocolate Bar (Candy Bar) Wrappers

In the last article I showed you the Birthday Vouchers I made for my husband.  Well here is a picture of the 5 small bars of chocolate I also gave him, I left them around the house for him to find. (My daughter and I were visiting folks so weren’t at home on his birthday).

Chocolate (candy bar) Wrappers

I used one of the original paper wrappers of the bars of chocolate as a template.  In Photoshop Elements (PSE) I created a piece of paper that was the same dimensions and then just dragged digital background paper over the top, till I was happy. 

I then measured the original wrapper again to see where I needed to position the words.

screenshot of candy bar wrappers

Here is a screenshot showing the wrapper before it was printed.  However I didn’t print from PSE, I saved the image as a JPEG and then printed 2 to a page in using MS Word. (Btw the cross-hatching on the screen there is just the grid I had on view to help with positioning).

Although I created this one in PSE, it would be as easy to do in something like Word with a coloured text box and some white coloured text on top.  Or if you were feeling more adventurous – pull in a digital background (as it is just a picture) into Word and then crop it to the size you want.  Then add a clear text box on top of the background and create white text in it.

I made a video (in an article) about putting white text on photos which is the same technique – Click here to view.

Birthday Vouchers for a Man!

This is the case for the Vouchers I made for my husband recently as part of his birthday present.  What do you buy the man who has everything? LOL

Birthday Vouchers Case for a Man

Well boringly he got the tie, socks, shirt, chocs and booze, but it’s always difficult to buy something “different”.  So I came across some templates whilst looking around at printable products (other than my own) and they were for valentines day vouchers actually.

Birthday Vouchers Case for a Man - rear

Above is the back of the case – by the way!… Anyway, normally I would make my own from scratch, but instead I bought the download and then adjusted it to my needs by adding papers (which were from some free downloadable background papers by Cinzia Loosemore)

Birthday Vouchers for a Man

Above is the first of 5 vouchers I made, bespoke for my husband!  For instance, one of them was to have his favourite meal cooked… a voucher which needed the 24 hours notice!  Unfortunately I have felt so ill since his birthday that he will have to wait a while longer before he can redeem of them!

Envelope embellished with freebie download stamp

I put the vouchers into this envelope, along with a custom wrapped chocolate bar (see next article).  If you are a subscriber to the newsletter you may recognise the stamp I used?!  It’s from a set of downloadable templates in the October 2008 issue (you can insert whatever picture you wish, btw, you don’t have to have the example picture).

In the next article I will show you the chocolate wrappers I made.

Freebie “Die-cut Style” Butterflies

I have just uploaded the July Freebie for All Newsletter Subscribers!  Yep… they are free if you are a Subscriber to the Newsletter.  You can sign up for free and you will gain instant access to all the previous freebies too (there is a link in every newsletter).  So hello to all my subscribers – I hope you like the downloable gift this month.


Anyway, inspired by a page full of die-cut Butterflies from K&Co which I was lucky enough to receive from a freind recently, I decided to create a set of die-cut style shapes from my latest Collection of papers.  I say die-cut style because, obviously, they are ready “to be” cut out!

These Butterflies and Hearts have been “cut” from the Colourful Beauty Collection of 12 hybrid papers, (which also has a free bonus paper in the pack) and one of the free addon papers (from last month).


With 8 different Butterflies and 2 different Hearts, they can be used on many projects. The delicate colours of the papers lend themselves to baby, feminine and whimsical cards and scrapbook pages.

I had a quick go with layering three butterflies, one paper, one vellum and another acetate, and here is the finished item…


The transparent paper and acetate don’t photograph well, but this would make a nice topper for a card, or gift box, don’t you think?


Here is another shot of the butterfly… the two bottom layers are the same butterfly, but the top is a contrasting one.   I used PVA glue on the body of the butterfly to adhere them all

Here is a picture showing the three layers more clearly.


I hope you enjoy your freebie… don’t forget you can sign up for the newsletter HERE.

Hybrid Background Papers Subscriber Freebie

I uploaded some brand new Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers last night!  And if you are a Subscriber to my Newsletter, then you will have received an email with a link to a page which has some instantly downloadable papers!  Look at these…

Sign up for the Newsletter and get your freebie

Sign up for the Newsletter and get your freebie

If you are not already a Subscriber, why not sign up now and you will gain instant access to the Newsletter and the Freebie, and all the previous ones too!

For Subscribers I have a Special Offer as well, if you are the first to buy the Hybrid “Colourful Beauty” collection, make a scrapbook page with some of the papers and email me a photo of your finished layout – I will send you a refund… thus you will get the Collection absolutely FREE!

The Freebie is a set of 2 papers and they are add-ons to the Colourful Beauty Collection, which is the set of 12 Hybrid Background Papers that I mentioned in a recent post.  Here is a preview of all 12, plus there is a bonus paper too!

Colourful Beauty Hybrid Background Papers

Some of the images, such as the flowers are from my own garden and another element used in the creation of these papers is the genuine 300 Year old letter which I showed you in a video. to the Rescue!

This Hybrid Card Kit can make a Happy Birthday (or Mothers Day) Card

This Kit can be Happy Birthday (or Mothers Day)

When I was at my ScrapBuddies Crop last Saturday, one of the members told me a little story which I found most satisfying in that I was able (even without my knowledge at the time!) to help someone in need!

Apparently, she had already got a card for a work colleague one morning, but had inadvertently left it at home, much to her dismay – there is nothing worse than being prepared and falling at the last hurdle because you left it behind!

However, with a quick mind, she remembered the Free Downloadble Hybrid Card Kit available on the site!

So she hurriedly printed out a copy of the kit and started cutting and sticking, all before work started and the pupils came in (she is a teacher), and was still able to present a lovely card to her friend at work, Phew!

So you see Hybrid Cardmaking (and even hybrid scrapbooking, if you needed a gift for someone really quickly) can get you out of a dilema!

Easy Scrapbooking Membership, or is it an e-Course, or an e-Workshop?

I have been writing a book about Scrapbooking.  Yes there are lots around, but this is an “ebook” for a start and there are lots of “How-To” tutorials in it.  I have read a number of books and they all drone on about the tools you need, the reason for scrapbooking and lots of other information, but it takes them ages to get to anything like a tutorial, if they ever do.

You see most scrapbooking books give you tools and ideas (often by showing you lots of excellent, but rather “advanced” layouts which can overwhelm) but don’t get back to the nitty gritty of actually showing you HOW to achieve results.

Easy Scrapbooking E-Courses coming soon

Easy Scrapbooking E-Courses coming soon

So I decided to write this ebook for beginners/intermediates to scrapbooking, based on my own demonstrations and workshops which I have been doing for over 3 years now.  There is, however, so much information that I could touch on that the book was going to end up huge and just as overwhelming as the others. 

So, <scratching head> I thought a bit more and decided that I would break the ebook down into a “series” of books, but that was starting to be unmanageable with regard to selling the separate books.

So… what to do? 

Yesterday I followed a link from someone on Twitter and came across a website which reminded me of an idea I had thought about a while ago.

The site I visited called the idea a “Membership site”, but to be honest I would call it more of an e-course, because as a member you receive your information in regular emails (with links), there is no forum, or interaction as such with others.

The lack of forum is fine for me, as there are plenty of free forums out there in which you can exchange and share scrapbooking layouts and chat.  However, there are very few “e-courses” that explain themselves clearly and cover more than just one project, be that a page or a mini album, etc.

The best part of all for me is that since I have started the website selling (and giving away freebies!) downloadable hybrid scrapbooking and papercrafting kits – I can now include bespoke kits within the e-course too, which means that anyone could truly start immediately with only a pair of scissors and some double sided tape (or even a glue stick – although “dry” adhesive is much better).  Oh and a pencil might come in handy with a ruler, along with the printer for printing out the kits!  These things nearly everybody already has in their home.

Plus I can include some video tutorials to go into the courses too.

The beauty to Everyone who takes up the course(s) is that they can spread the cost of what would have been a hefty book packed with info over a number of months, such as £5 or £10 per month, depending on the course contents.  Course lengths vary from 1 month to 6 months and I may even create some “mini-courses” with a duration of just 2 weeks – like a taster session!

So there it is, my current project… e-courses, e-worshops, or memberships, whatever you want to call them, it’s exciting.  It means I will be able to help many more people get started with scrapbooking, and help existing scrappers improve their skills.

And… I also have the self photography book which I am currently writing – this can also easily be made into a course, taking you step by step through the process of taking great self portait photogaphs!