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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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A Quick Way to Darken Text on a Scrapbook Layout

This is a close up of a hybrid page I made .

It’s to show the word “Deep”. As you will notice, it is shiny!

I thought that in the printed copy of the digital page the black words did not have enough contrast so I used some 3-D Gloss over the top to just lift the letters and give more definition.

I used a thick needle to “paint” the gloss onto the thin image.

It’s a quick and easy way to Darken any printed graphic or text.

Here’s the full page which was the first in my Random Album.



8×8 Scrapbook Page, Inspiration from Shop Packaging!

The photograph on this scrapbook page is one I took with my phone in a shop on the sea front in Great Yarmouth (England), when I took my daughter there to visit the Sea Life Centre back in February!  I found the words on the packaging of a charm bracelet rather poignant.

Creating Yourself - Scrapbook Layout by SundayL

The bracelet was quite pretty, but flimsy and cheap looking close up, but I liked the clours and also felt the sentiment held much more weight!

I used a simple piece of textured pink cardstock, edged and stamped with ink to tone it in, plus a piece of lightly patterned paper from a 6×6 pad and a strip of paper (the bluey green piece) is from my own collection… in fact it is part of a previous newsletter freebie, so you can go get it if you’ve signed up. So technically this is a bit of ‘Hybrid Scrapbooking’!

Creating Yourself - by SundayL - Closeup

The bracket shaped journaling block is hand cut from white paper which was then coloured with inks to match it into the layout.

In case you are wondering, the stamps I used on the cardstock are from Basic Grey’s ’Two Scoops’ collection.

Circle Mini Album for Shimelle’s online class

Thank you to those of you who have commented on Here and via Facebook and forums regarding my last post.  I am still here, and I have been warmed by the kind words you have spoken, some from complete strangers, although in our world of scrapbooking (and general paper crafting) we are all friends… right?! So once you make contact with me… you are no longer a stranger!

Anyway, I have had these photos of my work for the “Learn Something New Everyday” class at  The first page is rather ironic, as I haven’t kept up!  I have done up to Sept 9th, and in only 8 pages… yep I missed one, Day 5! <tut and rolling eyes>

So here are a few of the pages, I will show the rest in the next post.

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 1

My initial plan was to make a hybrid scrapbook album, and the first page is a hybrid page.  The only physical things on this page are the blue rik rak, the flower and the brad.  I also hand wrote the journaling and the date.  But everything else on this page is effectively a digital page.

The main album page size is just under 6 inches diameter and I’m using a blank album freebie that came with a magazine.  Pages one and two are the full size.

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 2

However, pages three and four below are only 3.5 inches in diameter and they are actually based (the paper is covering) on cardstock circle sides that were holding ribbon on a reel… Have I explained that clearly?! :-?

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 3

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 4

It was an interesting exercise working immediately back-to-back, where I had to blend in the back of things as they were showing on the other side.  I stamped the white back of the green paper ring (above) to blend it in with page 3.

In the next post I will show you the next pages, including acrylic pages.

Newsletter subscriber Freebie – a Quickpage by SundayL

I mentioned a while ago (I think) that I am working on a fairly dark set of printable papers (hybrid crafting).  I decided to give away a downloadable quick page to all my Newsletter Subscribers in August, and this is it.

Free Subscriber QuickPage by SundayL

If you would like your own free copy of the page, become a subscriber and you’ll have instant access to the latest issue, just click the “Subscriber Freebies” link on the right column of the Newsletter and you can download all the past freebies!

Here is how I printed it out using MS Word (rather than a photo program).


My new collection of papers, “Dark Beauty”, will be on sale soon at

“At Last” Scrapbook Page – Multi-Photo

In a recent article I talked about making your own bracket shaped templates.  I use my templates for all sorts, such as mats, embellishments and journaling blocks.

In the Scrapbook Page below I have used the template I made in that article, to cut a large journaling block, this time from the freebie paper which I gave away during June (you need to subscribe to the newsletter to pick up all the freebies, including past ones). So this is a bit of a Hybrid Scrapbooking Page.

Multi-photo Scrapbook Page "At Last" by SundayL

I used the technique of “gutting” again (cutting out the middle of the base cardstock which is covered by the panel of patterened paper) and used the resulting piece of cardstock to create the large mat (for all the photos) and the title block – all from the middle piece of the background cardstock.

Below is a close up of the arrow in the middle of this scrapbook page.  All the “chipboard” arrows I had weren’t the right shape to go cleanly around the photograph without obscuring the front of the truck  in the photo, (of course!) so I made this arrow by using one of the others as a template and then adjusting the length and shape to suit my layout.  I then used the technique using polystyrene pizza base packaging and covered it with paper, sanding the sides and inking the edges.

Close up of the Arrow on "At Last" Scrapbook Page by SundayL

The original arrow was a bit “thick”, as the pizza bases are quite sturdy, but the beauty of the polystyrene is such that I was able to easily carve off some depth using  my craft knife (my trusty scalpel).  In fact the arrow slopes gently to be thinner at the tip!  Not that you can really appreciate that in the photo here. 

Close up of Ribbons "At Last" by SundayL

Above is a close up of the stitched ribbon, I used a sewing machine for this and I did actually hand sew the buttons (I usually just use pva glue!).  There are also some brads, as you can see.

A lot of the components on this page layout are from Basic Grey, including some of the brads, apart from my own paper (used as the journaling block).  The line of circles is from a pack of cardstock die-cut strips “Just the edge” by Bazzill Basics.  They come in a range of colours, but I always buy white (of these sorts of things) so that I can recolour to whatever I like, which is what I have done here using inks to match the strip of circles with the surounding papers.

Mini Album – Scrapbook By The Pool

In the last article I showed you what limited supplies I had when on holiday abroad (Majorca) and managed to make a mini album.  Well here is the album! This is a Hybrid Scrapbook Album as the papers I have used are from the Colourful Beauty Kit of downloadable papers  (Click on the pictures for an enlargement.)

Scrapbook by the Pool album cover

It’s based on the Mini Album in THIS article (and Video).  Here’s the first of the inside pages below.

Scrapbook by the pool pages 1 and 2

Yep, good old fashioned tracing!  I had some lightweight paper with me and used my copy of Scrapbook Inspirations to trace a variety of letters from various pages of the magazine!  Here’s the proof I had the magazine with me (in fact I had two issues with me!!


Here are some more pages (below).  I have lightly tacked the white blocks to show where the photos will go and left space for journaling.  The word “pool” was traced and used as a template onto some patterned paper and cut out.

Scrapbook by the Pool pages 1, 3 and 4

On the first inside page I placed a “ripped paper” flower (which could sort of double as a sun!) and I wanted to use dimensional pads to give a little more 3D to the “petals” but, of course, I didn’t have any pads, only double sided tape.   So I folded some of the double sided tape over on itself to make mini dimensional pads, and they worked just as well!

Ripped paper embellishment

Below is a closeup of one of the corners of the pages showing the inked edges of the cardstock base (which was a baby pink and I coloured it a little “browner” to match in with the patterned papers more) and the blue inking of the distressed paper edges.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures for enlargements!


Scrapbooking By The Pool

Ok, So it’s not a pretty sight, but it isproof of me “Scrapbooking by the Pool”!  Actually this shot was rather dark in the foreground because of the contrast caused by me sitting in the shade and the brightness of the hotel swimming pool in the background.  However, my trusy PSE (PhotoShop Elements) allowed me to fiddle with it. Shame I can’t “fiddle” a couple of stone off my body at the same time eh?! LOL


So… my limited scrapbooking supplies you can see above on the little drinks table - it’s a bit clearer in the picture below.  I packed everything in my suitcase to avoid anything being confiscated when going through security at the airport.  The flight is only just over 2 hours to Palma from our local airport so I only had a magazine and a notebook in hand luggage.  If I had been going on a longer flight… such as to the States (around 9 hours to Miami for instance) then I may well have taken some of my scrapbooking stash with me in the cabin… not scissors of course!


So my supplies were:
A Small set of Aqua pencils (with a few watercolours in the pack too – you can see in the photo above),
Pencil, eraser, ruler, double sided tape, sticky dots, emery board, aqua brush,
Small set of coloured pens,
Some 6×6″ and 8×8″ patterned papers (some of which were of my own… Colourful Beauty Collection which I had printed in advance obviously)
A pre-cut and folded piece of 12×12 to make a Mini-Album – See this article and video on the site about that.
And some plain white paper.  I also took a 4×4 blank paper bag album, but didn’t do much with that.


This Mini Scrapbook Album was made from my Colourful Beauty Collection of papers which I had already printed using a colour laser printer, so the colours wouldn’t bleed should they get “a bit” wet (by the pool).   And as so, this mini album is a true Hybrid Scrapbook Album!

I ripped the paper along the ruler to cut it down to size and as I then distressed all the edges anyway, it didn’t matter that they were not crisp and clean cut.  The picture above shows how I managed to “ink” the edges of the paper and cardstock. 

Well I didn’t take any inks, did I? so I improvised with a baby wipe and my aqua pencils/watercolour blocks.  It worked rather well actually and with the baby wipe I was able to blend the colours too, without adding much, if any, extra water.


This last picture shows the template I cut from a piece of scrap paper, which I then used to cut out a bracket shape block from a blue piece of patterned paper.  I then defined the edges with my watercolour and baby wipe technique!  (I will explain the TIP for making your own bracket shapes in another post soon.)

Next time I will show you the whole album finished as far as I could go (ie without the photos) and explain how I managed to make the title of the album.

Hybrid Background Papers Subscriber Freebie

I uploaded some brand new Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers last night!  And if you are a Subscriber to my Newsletter, then you will have received an email with a link to a page which has some instantly downloadable papers!  Look at these…

Sign up for the Newsletter and get your freebie

Sign up for the Newsletter and get your freebie

If you are not already a Subscriber, why not sign up now and you will gain instant access to the Newsletter and the Freebie, and all the previous ones too!

For Subscribers I have a Special Offer as well, if you are the first to buy the Hybrid “Colourful Beauty” collection, make a scrapbook page with some of the papers and email me a photo of your finished layout – I will send you a refund… thus you will get the Collection absolutely FREE!

The Freebie is a set of 2 papers and they are add-ons to the Colourful Beauty Collection, which is the set of 12 Hybrid Background Papers that I mentioned in a recent post.  Here is a preview of all 12, plus there is a bonus paper too!

Colourful Beauty Hybrid Background Papers

Some of the images, such as the flowers are from my own garden and another element used in the creation of these papers is the genuine 300 Year old letter which I showed you in a video.

300 year old letters used for Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers

This letter was written in 1698!

This letter was written in 1698!

I thought I would share with you some letters I have been scanning in recently.  I was scanning them in for use in my next Collection of Hybrid Scrapbooking 8×8 Background Papers which will be available on the site very soon.  I have finished the collection, I just need to upload to the site.

So I have made a short video (about 3 minutes) just showing you the “actual” letters which were written from the 1690s to about 1804, 17th Century to the 19th Century!  In my hot little hands no less! Although I did try to handle them as little as possible and with care. (Don’t forget that our touch, ie the oils in our skin, are acidic and transfer to the things we hold.) 

They are my husband’s at the moment, but I believe they may well be “going under the hammer” soon.  (that means about to go into auction… in case you were worried there for a mo! LOL)

Below is the preview of the papers in the “Colourful Beauty” Collection of Hybrid Scrapbooking papers by SundayL

UPDATE: the Colourful Beauty Collection has now been uploaded.

Hybrid Scrapbooking Papers - Colourful Beauty by SundayL

Scrapbooking Newsletter Freebie for May

Here is a layout I made today using the free patterned paper that I have just released to all subscribers to the Newsletter!  It’s the May FREEBIE.

On the River.

I have to admit to making this page VERY quickly!  It took about an hour from printing out the paper, choosing and printing a photograph to taking a photo of the finished page.

The Journaling and title blocks are from the Blue Damask Scrapbooking Kit at the site.  This patterned paper is an Add-On to that kit so it matches in very well.

Here are some close ups…

On the River-Scrapbooking Page-closeup1

On the River-closeup-eyelets