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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Video Tutorial – How to Easily Save Scrapbooking Inspiration from the Web

Scrapbook Video by SundayLI have been asked many times from where do I get the inspiration for my scrapbooking.  My reply is “from Everywhere”, but I do gain a lot of crafting inspiration from other peoples work and I find most of that by browsing the internet!

The next question is usually something like “how do you remember the inspiration in order to use it in your crafting?” My answer… “simple, I save a copy of the scrapbook page or card on my PC and then I can refer to it whenever I like. ”

If I want to make a page, I refer to my collection of examples and choose which ones suit my current project best.  I then print out a sheet full of various pictures and I can now look at that when I craft (or even take to a crop).

The next question is then…. “How do you do that then?”

So I have made a video to show you How to View, Save and Print scrapbook pages, cards and other projects to refer to for inspiration when you make your layouts.  I hope it helps..!

Multiple Headers!

I have just this minute finished my first set of headers for this website.  Yes… you heard me correctly… my first Set!  There are 5 on here at the moment.

In order to see them you just need to hit refresh (F5 on your keyboard IE) in your browser and you should see a new header image.  What do you think?

This fab idea was already built-in to the theme which I am using here (Atahualpa Theme) .  I have just replaced the original header images with my own, and that is a selection of closeups from my own layouts, a collection of embellishments, and a digital design.  It suits me well, because I like lots of different styles, you could say my style was “eclectic”!

So each time you pop over to see me, you will be greeted with a different header design.  Do you like it, or does it confuse?

Feed Your Own Fish on your Computer!

Look at this fantastic little gadget!  Hover your mouse over the “water” and watch what happens…


It is so cute!  I’m not one to use the term Cute very often, but this is it.  I have a couple of massive “Real” Koi in my pond outside, and the motion of these little ones is fantastic!  Here is a link if you want to put one of these somewhere in your cyber world.  You can customise the colours of the fish, how many you have and… if you click somewhere in the pool, you will release food for them to eat!  Ah it makes me smile – lovely!