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Colourful Mini Art Journal

I have been blog-hopping recently… actually it’s more accurate to say that I have been rather addictively browsing Pin-Interest!  Good Grief there is soooooooooo much stuff on there, and most of it is fabulous!  That’s the crafting, sewing, storage side of things… oh and the vintage tea themes too!

Anyway, via that, I came across this website and found a very colourful mini art journal.  I immediately thought I would share it with you.

2011 03 17 005

Butterfly Theme Mini Paper Bag Album – Video Tour

Here’s the first of four videos showing  the paper bag albums I made for relatives for Christmas.  These are videos made from stills which I talk about.  I didn’t have time to film real time videos, as I was ‘up against it’ to get them finished and wrapped!!! Video at the botton of this post.

Simple Photo Page for Random Mini Album

Here is a simple ‘double sided’ page I made for my Random Mini Album.

I decided to use bascially the whole of the photo (s) as the page itseld, only adding paper to the left for the holes, and on the right so that I had something to write on.

The page flips over to reveal another photo ‘full size’ on the other side.  Sometimes, the photos say enough without embellishing them to within an inch of their lives!

Just a little bit of ribbon.

And a few buttons to add just a tad of ‘touchy feely’!

Teeny Weeny Scrapbook – Mazebook Mini Album – Video

I thought I would make a video to share a very small scrapbook album I made.  It’s so small it fits inside a ‘ring box’ – you know… the flip open presentation boxes for that diamond ring all girls want!  Actually I prefer coloured gems and this particular box held a ring that only cost £25… and I bought it for myself… but it’s the thought that counts… right?

Anyway, I digress… here is the video of this little gem!


Video Tour – Thank You Mini Album

I made a video or my mini Scrapbook Album.  It’s not finished yet, but with 22 out of 31 pages made, I thought I’d share.

Hope you like it…

Scrapbook Page – A New Arrival

In a previous post I realised that I had uploaded pictures of a recent mini album scrapbook page and not the one preceding it!  So here is the one that I made about our ‘New Arrival’ (Rosie our Jack Russell) last year.  It’s a page in my Random Moments Album.


And here it is in the album itself.


There is obviously more going on in the album as, being a random album, the pages are of differing sizes and therefore you see the ribbons and other extraneous bits and pieces too.

Scrapbook Page – “Caught Red Handed”

As another entry in my ‘Random Moments’ Mini Scrapbook Album, I give you a sweet little doggy!

Scrapbook page- Caught Red Handed- Dog page

Yes, of course, it’s Rosie our Jack Russell.  She’ll be one year old soon, and she’s still stealing shoes to take to bed (and occasionally nibble on!) but here, aged a mere 3 months, she’s been caught on camera.

Curled up in Inde’s bed with one of Honey’s wellies and Miles’ trainer, she wonders what the problem is!

Scrapbook page- Caught Red Handed- Dog page close up

This was a fairly quick page using a standard 4×6 photograph, and I’ve attached it to the back of the first page about Rosie joining us.  This means of course, that’s it’s out of sync with regard to chronological order, but hey… it’s a random moments album, what do you expect.  However, I have only just realised that I haven’t shown you the photo of the first page I made called “New Arrival” – I thought I had, but it seems I only posted the original photograph… doh… so I will post that one up next!

Scrapbook page- Caught Red Handed- Dog page Journaling

Above: ‘sticky up’ journal tag (technical term!) there wasn’t really room on the page for the journaling and I wanted to use up some stash – simple explanation really.

Random Moments mini scrapbook album

SmashBook – make your own? Video Tour

Below is a video tour (brief) of my version of the K&Co Smashbook, which I think is a good idea by the way, just don’t like their designs that much, not my style.  But I think the company has thought it through well, with all the little extras.

smashbook my version by SundayL


Above is Honey’s effort – she is 7 and I only showed her what to do, didn’t do it for her.

Anyway, 4 minutes just to show you mine and my daughter’s (age 7).  For those who don’t know what a Smashbook is… and I didn’t until fairly recently… I’ve included some links below.

Links of Interest regarding SmashBooks…

 Make your own Smashbook at Counterfeit Challenge website

What is a Smashbook – K&Co v quick advert video.

Chris Hertel has made a couple of  videos of her home made book… DIY Smash Book Part 1  DIY Smash Book Part 2  and the printouts she mentions in her videos (which I printed out for my daughter to use as seen in my video!) are here. They are in a PDF file for downloading.

TIME – Make it, don’t Find it!

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLYes that slippery thing called Time!  Everyone complains of not having enough of it.  Well I say that you have to MAKE TIME for those things you enjoy as a matter of health!

Fellow crafters are often saying that they just don’t get the time to do their crafting.  Some of my scrapbooking group only managed to do any scrapbooking when they were at our crop… once a month, otherwise their stash didn’t see the light of day.

We’ve all been there!

I have been there for a long time, what with setting up the tearooms.

But it’s only after making the decision that Enough was Enough that I finally MADE time for my crafting.

Why now… what pushed me to that decision?

My unhappiness, my frustration, my inability to enjoy anything through exhaustion mostly.  Not just physical, but mental.

There was a pile of ‘things to be done’ but I had to make the decision to pack the To Do list away in a folder with anything else staring at me, and clear my desk.  I found something to put my laptop on, so that I can now slide it easily right to the back of my desk giving me more space.

I deliberately turned off my laptop, put all the office stuff away and got out my Random Mini Album, which is something I started a long while ago now (see this link for the article and videos, etc). 

I looked at the pages already made and read the journalling, the words were very poignant, and I realised that I should be using my scrapbooking FOR myself, for my Sanity!  It doesn’t matter how good it looks, or even if there is a picture or how good it is when printed! 


So I used one of the blank pages already in the album (in this case a tag) for recording a fleeting moment I had enjoyed earlier that day.  I then felt the energy to finish the inside of the covers properly, re-arrange the pages already made into chronological order and then add a simple page to explain why there was a gap in the pages (2009-2011!).


The marked thing about that is that I also rummaged through the cupboard to unpack my Craft Robo which hadn’t been out of it’s box since my house move 18 months ago!  I kept putting it off.

Ironically it’s a similar idea to a “SmashBook”, currently marketted by K&Co, which I made with my daughter and one for myself (there’s another post about that).

I felt better for my scrapbooking.  Yes I felt guilty regarding the lack of work done that evening, but when I was working in an office elsewhere, I had to pack up my things each day and make notes for the following time I would be in.  “It’s time”, I thought, “to start treating this home based business in the same way”.

There has to be a ‘cut off’ time, a time for something pleasureable.  Guilt or not, if you prevent yourself enjoying the things you like to do, everything else suffers as you get no respite.

Yes I have had to give up things I enjoyed because of work, but I have to MAKE TIME for my sanity now, or else I will be fit for nothing and nobody.

I am in the second year of starting a business, thankfully it is going from strength to strength, but if you are a housewife and mother (or father!), then it just as time-sapping for you as this is for me.

Don’t allow the family to demand your attention at all times, set aside your time, and I mean about 2 hours maybe once a week for doing some crafting. 20 minutes is not enough!  and it HAS to be time that you will feel awake enough!  BOOK IT on the calendar, work the rest of the day/dinner, etc around it, not the other way around.

Of course, your watching television does actaully eat into your ‘Me’ time, so not having time to craft when you spend hours watching the TV is not quite the same!  That’s your choice, spare time = TV as opposed to spare time = craft time.  My point is… don’t think “I’ll do some crafting if I get time” because you rarely do!

Instead think… ” I will do some crafting on such and such afternoon for 3 hours minimum and everyone and everything can work around me for a change!”

Scrapbook Your Own Gratitude Journal! Tutorial

gratitude_journal_basic_greyI had an email from Basic Grey today to let me know about a new craft video using one of their Collection packs.  It is a video on how to make a Gratitude Journal.

If you have seen any of my previous articles on Intentional Scrapbooking and my musings on “the Secret” then you will know what a graditude journal is, but suffice to say that it is merely a place where you write your thank you’s for all those things you are grateful for in your life.  Feeling gratitude for what you already have should bring you more things you can feel grateful for!!!  That’s the theory!

Anyway, the tutorial is on the Basic Grey website and they have also included a downloadable PDF of the inside pages for you to print out and use.  Obviously you can use any papers to make your journal!

So head on over and take a look at the video tutorial.