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Scrapbooking AS Therapy

Round Scrapbook Album by SundayL page 4I recently had a conversation with a lady who was telling me that she would have wanted to scrapbook her daughters’ pictures had they not been lost. 

She explained that somehow, in circumstances out of her control, the photographs of her 2 daughter’s childhood years had all been lost/destroyed and I could see that this obviously upset her, as it would me too.

However, I explained to her that this is precisely where Scrapbooking can actually help!  There may be no photos, but there are still memories.  I suggested that she might like to scrapbook her memories of events from the past and experiences with her daughters, even describing how they looked, or changed over the years and how she felt about them during this time.  Journaling like this can easily be enhanced with beautiful papers and embellishments, you just make a feature of the journaling instead of a photograph.  The page above has no photo, but it still has the purpose of conveying a message.

I even proffered the suggestion that she might like to make a scrapbook page of her feelings about the lack of photos available to her.  It may well help her to come to terms with the loss… and it is a loss.  When those irreplaceable items from life’s journey are taken from us, we do need to mourn them.

Scrapbooking can be such a creative therapy.  In fact I remember reading somewhere that Scrapbooking is actually being used in rehabilitation hospitals as an occupational therapy.

It’s a craft that can be as meaningful and deep as you want it to be, or it can just be the pleasure of surrounding yourself with colour and beautiful things.

Scrapbook Reminder from the Media

I took this photograph when I was last visiting my sister and brother-in-law recently.  I do not have any newspapers in my house (apart from the free ones which are thrust through our door whether we like it or not!).  This magazine came with The Times newspaper, which came with their delivery of grocery shopping.

Sunday magazine cover design

The reason I thought it was of interest was for its cover.  It reminded me of the prep area for a scrapbook page… well mine anyway (excluding the headphones!). But it also reminded me of “old fashioned” scrapbooking, those albums we made when we were children.  Sticking in bits and pieces from holidays such as receipts and tickets for a show or a place of interest which we visited, with a title of something like “My holiday at…”.  I suppose it was the bunch of tickets at the bottom that made me think of that.  Sometimes I wonder if we get too hung up on design and the latest embellishments that we forget how to just do scrapbooking the old fashioned way!

I held the first of a course of 6 (weekly) short scrapbooking sessions as my daughter’s school this afternoon (mostly 5 year olds) and I asked them if they had ever made a scrapbook at home.  They all answered in the negative, and I thought it was a shame, but then I did reminded myself that they were only young!  AND then I realised that I was helping them make their VERY FIRST SCRAPBOOK ALBUM!

It was a lovely feeling to be quite honest.  I may be helping little fresh minds along a path of making lots of scrapbooks in the future and if I had a  little something to do with that, then I am a happy woman!

Stating the Obvious!

Well I just had to share this with you!  I was cooking a piece of Smoked fish to make kedgeree (spelling?) and I came across something on the label that made me laugh out loud… and then say… “Well Duh !!!”  Look at this…

Well of course it contains fish... duh!!

It IS a piece of fish… I just thought it was taking this allergy, nanny state thingy a bit too far… again!!!

An Evening Walk with the Dogs

I went for a summer’s evening walk with the dogs a week or more ago.  It’s taken this long to sort them out and upload them here, but I thought I would share some of the photographs I snapped.  I took these pictures before the fields were harvested, which the farmer has been doing all this last week.

First I thought I’d show you a picture of my border collie “Inde”.

Inde - border collie of SundayL

The other photos I have put into a mini gallery and include shots around the fields behind my house and a couple of Inde and Toffee too, look out for the “push-me-pull-you” picture!

[svgallery name="eve-walk" link="CLICK HERE for the Summer Evening Walk Gallery"]

Peeled in One

I bought some pink apples for my daughter recently, in an attempt to make fruit more appealing to her!  The type of apple is called “Pink Lady” and the batch we have at the moment are really shiny and lovely to look at. 

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for this picture!) Honey doesn’t like to eat the skin – although she used to eat everything before – so I decided to see if I could peel the skin all-in-one go as it was so lovely.  Et Voila…!

Pink Lady Apple peeled in one!

How’s about that then… eh?  I didn’t want to waste the natural beauty of the apple’s delightful skin and so I thought I’d share it with you.  I’m rather proud of the fact that I managed to get the peel off in one AND get it stand up on it’s own so that I could take a picture!

For some reason it makes me smile!  Ah simple pleasures eh!

Multiple Headers!

I have just this minute finished my first set of headers for this website.  Yes… you heard me correctly… my first Set!  There are 5 on here at the moment.

In order to see them you just need to hit refresh (F5 on your keyboard IE) in your browser and you should see a new header image.  What do you think?

This fab idea was already built-in to the theme which I am using here (Atahualpa Theme) .  I have just replaced the original header images with my own, and that is a selection of closeups from my own layouts, a collection of embellishments, and a digital design.  It suits me well, because I like lots of different styles, you could say my style was “eclectic”!

So each time you pop over to see me, you will be greeted with a different header design.  Do you like it, or does it confuse?