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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Close up pictures of the Fairy Birthday Cake

I’ve had a few requests for more pictures of the cake which I iced for Honey’s 6th Birthday last month (posted at THIS post), so here are some close ups of the cake (below).


I did use some scrapbooking supplies on this project!  The wings are cut from a sheet of acetate and I used Stickles to draw the wing patterns.  I also used some stickles around the doll’s forehead and hair to make her a little more sparkly (it was actually a Cinderella doll!)


I coloured some white ready made fondant icing with blue food dye and after covering the main skirt, I cut thin strips of both blue and white icing to make the twisted tendrils and then piped the darker blue which was just icing sugar and water (and colour) and I have to admit to being a little on the runny side!


The cake itself (inside) was created using 3 pre-made chocolate sponges (victoria sponge type) – on of top of the other.  I still then had to pile the off-cuts to the top as the dolls legs were sooooo long!  I didn’t want to destroy the doll (as it was another gift for Honey) so I carefully wrapped the bottom half of the doll’s dress and legs in cling film before making the cake around her!

A little bit of Cake Decorating

Oh here’s a real quicky! Just a little picture of Honey yesterday with the “fairy” birthday cake I decorated for her Birthday Party! If I get time I will upload more photos shortly. And I will also explain why there is a lack of time later ! LOL  Oh and my Scrapbooking acrylic sheets and Stickles came in handy for the wings!

Fairy Birthday Cake for Honey by SundayL

We Weren’t Born To Follow – Bon Jovi

No it’s not scrapbooking, but IT IS UPLIFTING and I’m all for that!  The music video gives extra weight to the message and I hope you enjoy it… This one will be blasting out in my car that’s for sure.

Great Rock Tune with a an uplifting message… can’t get much better than that!!  Wooo Hooo!

There is an 15-20 second advert at the beginning of this “official” version of the video, but it’s the only one I could embed in this post… ENJOY!

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Well we had a little party for Halloween yesterday evening, and then a quick round of Trick or Treating.  With Honey’s school friends and the children (and adults) from the neighbouring houses the party went well.

Here we are in our outfits, and when I tell you that it cost only £22 for BOTH outfits including the hats and Honey’s striped tights, you may gasp!

And you can just spot my hanging display of scrapbooking Layouts on the wall behind!

Autumn Photos

I am very pleased (on a regular basis) that I finally took the plunge to get a mobile phone with a decent camera in it!  I even saved myself £10 per month in the process which was a bonus!  But it means I can take pictures wherever I go, as I almost always have the phone with me.

All the pictures in the last post were taken with my Nokia 5800 as are the ones below… Along with a video!!  Yep it’s HERE, it’s only around 1 minute long and it’s of Honey when we took the dogs for a walk on Friday.  (I hope it plays faster for you cos at the mo it’s slow, but I’m putting it down to the fact that the World and his wife are online at the moment!  Maybe you can let me know if you have trouble… I’d appreciate the feedback!)

Anyway, despite it being 23rd October on our walk, it was warm and sunny.  The stills of the walk are below.



We tried to find different leaf shapes on our walk…. trouble is apart from the obvious Oak leaf, I have trouble identifying from which tree they fell!  Guess what book Honey will be getting for Christmas!


I love the redness of autumn!  It’s my favourite time of year purely because of the fantastic colours of nature here in England.  However it’s always tinged with a little sadness that Summer has gone and colder weather is on it’s way!

Southwold Seaside Pictures

My mum visited us last weeked for a couple of days and we managed some scrapbooking together, which was nice.  She bought me some stash for my birthday, including a pack of Basic Grey “Porcelain” and some Rhonna Farrer mini bag-o-buttons in “French Twist” Colours – both being basically pale greens and pinks… which happen to be my mum’s favourites… luckily I quite like them too!

Frankly there aren’t many Basic Grey Papers I don’t like!  My Sister bought me the Basic Grey Collection “Indian Summer” which is a bit of a misnomer as they are not particularly Indian in style, but more autumn leaves… with leaf and berry shapes!

And I recently bought (well back in July actually!) the BG collection “Wisteria” which is pale, greens, blues and lilac with some purple and earthy tones.  So I’m “Stashed up”! and ready to make loads!  Trouble is we never want to actually USE the stuff!… I’ll be brave!

I am currently using the BG Two Scoops collection for my 2007 Holiday to Disney Paris Album.

Anyway, I thought I would share some recent photographs…

H at Southwold

When my mum was up last weekend we managed to spend a pleasant few hours at Southwold (on the east coast of England).

Sunday & H at Southwold

 Yeah, no swim suits this time of year!

Sunday's Mum and H at Southwold

Although you can see a lot of cloud in the background of these photos, we had the sun all the time we were there, having lunch on the pier!

Hut Chimes

These “Beach Hut” Chimes were being sold in the Shop on the Pier, very indicative of the colourful beach huts which cost in the region of £60-100,000 Each!!!  And you can only use them for half the year!

I’ll post the other pictures tomorrow…. of an Autumn walk.

A Heartfelt Blog Post – no scrapbooking!

SundayLI’ve been blogging about Scrapbooking for 0ver three years…  starting on the old blog and this year on this one.  In that time I have spent a LOT of time preparing the projects, the photos of the projects, and writing the articles.

I have to say though that this sort of output, including the newsletter and freebies, takes it’s toll.

So without boring you with details, I write this blog post to explain why I feel the need to step back… away from the computer… and take stock.  I have lots of articles in the preparation stage, including videos which I have filmed, just not edited yet and I will drip feed these onto this blog, but that probably means only once a week for a while.

I need to get in touch with me again, and actually scrapbook because I want to and not because it’s a technique I have to teach in time for some deadline or other.

I want to Thank all of you who have taken the time to comment on here, I really do appreciate your interaction.  And I would like to say to those who stay silent… it would be nice to hear from you, because sometimes  think I am doing all this and yet I am actually talking to myself.

I hope you check back again for more scrapbooking articles and layouts, etc if you are new to this blog, and that those of you who have been following me for a while (including my newsletter subscribers) stay with me and allow me time to recoup.

Much Love to all.
Sunday x

It’s My Birthday! Anyone for Cupcakes?

Yep… it’s my birthday today!  I usually keep quiet (as I have gotten older) but I thought… sod it… I’m gonna tell everyone and make some effort.  So here’s a picture of the cupcakes I iced at 8.30am this morning!

SundayL's birthday cupcakes

I got a box of chocs from my daughter, who apparently is expecting to SHARE them later! :-D and a lovely antique pendant and gold chain from hubby.

I got two hand made cards (plus the usual type of course), I think most people don’t send me their own creations because they believe it’s a bit “coals to Newcastle” (do you know that expression?)

Anyway, here they are, so thank you to my Mum (left card) and to Dawn for their cards.  Yes that’s me aged about 4 in the picture… wasn’t I cute! ;-)


Good job I like pink isn’t it!  My mum used the free card kit I designed (and the envelope)… thanks Mum!  And Dawn has used her Stampin’ Up stash… she’s a demonstrator!

So have a GREAT 9th October everyone!

An Evening Walk with the Dogs

I went for a summer’s evening walk with the dogs a week or more ago.  It’s taken this long to sort them out and upload them here, but I thought I would share some of the photographs I snapped.  I took these pictures before the fields were harvested, which the farmer has been doing all this last week.

First I thought I’d show you a picture of my border collie “Inde”.

Inde - border collie of SundayL

The other photos I have put into a mini gallery and include shots around the fields behind my house and a couple of Inde and Toffee too, look out for the “push-me-pull-you” picture!

[svgallery name="eve-walk" link="CLICK HERE for the Summer Evening Walk Gallery"]

Thank you for your Thank Yous!

I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have sent emails thanking me for the recent FREEBIE download scrapbooking paper!  (see this post for the page example using the paper) I am grateful to you all for getting in touch, as it is nice to know that you are gaining benefit from being a subscriber to my newsletter.

Also thank you to those who leave comments on the YouTube channel, again it’s very nice to know that my words and pictures are helping others, that’s why I do all this… to help and teach others and give them the confidence to start, or the tips and tricks to achieve better results.

So… Thank you for saying Thank You!