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Sunlight on a Cloudy Day

I just HAVE to share this rose with you.  I took this photo this evening… it had been raining here and as I thought it might, the rain had settled on this rose in my garden just to enhance it’s beauty!  I’m not into yellow as a colour, I prefer my pinks, but this rose start’s off pale pink and as it opens and matures it changes from pink, to peach and then yellow.

I have been admiring this single bloom for a few days and it has got bigger each day as the petals. And today, with such gloomy skies, it was a glow of sunlight to me. I just felt I wanted to capture the  brief moment in time and share it with someone.

Sunlight Rose 2

Sunlight Rose

Sunlight Rose close up

I don’t know the name of the rose as it was already here when we moved in, but I can tell you it smells as sweet as it looks beautiful!

Photography Tip for Scrapbookers

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLOn my Walk in October I took some photographs of the sky as the sun was setting. And I mentioned that I would use one of those photos with white lettering out of the black siloutted landscape in the foreground for some cards.

Well I wanted to give you a TIP with regard to leaving “white space” in some of your photographs! I can hear you asking why?!

Well If you have your subject beautifully framed and filling the space, that’s great, but it pays to pan back as well, to get some space around the subject.

There are a couple of reasons for this. 1 is that you can crop the picture in different ways then, you have given yourself more flexibility to crop the picture into the space that you need to fill rather than being completely dictated by the dimensions of the picture. In scrpabooking terms this means that you can simply cover the unwanted areas with embellishments, etc, but the overall frame of the picture remains correct for your project.

For those a little more into either digital scrapbooking and/or placing text directly onto photos before printing, (which is a great way to add dramatic titles or lots of contrasting journalling), if you have left some space especially if it is not busy with images, ie sky or plain landscape, or a large expanse of cloth is ideal, you can now have space to introduce your text.

Or… even… if you feel really adventurous you can add smaller photos on top of the main one framing them within the expanse.

And… you can actually do that in a program lilket MS Word. You don’t have to have a graphics program to do that.

An October Walk

On one of my recent walks with the Dogs I was delighted to witness a beautiful twilight!  My favourite time of day, but so fleeting.  However with the advent of the humble mobile phone camera, I now have a camera with me (most of the time) to be able to capture that fleeting moment in time.

So I share with you here some of those photos.


Well firstly there are my walking companions of course… Inde (the border collie) and Toffee – who’s getting on a bit now at 12 and half!


Now I know this photo is a little out of focus, but I include it here because it captures the lovely pinks that were in the sky. This picture is taken with the sun behind me.


This picture is taken in the same position as the last one, but this time I have turned around and am looking slightly uphill!  The trees silhouetted against the sky with the fluffy clouds softly glowing… is a “view to relax to” in my book.


This photo is actually taken a few moments earlier, you can see the sun just that little bit more before it dips behind the hill.  With an uplifting sentiment in white lettering on the bottom of this picture I may use it as a card to celebrate the Winter Solstice, even though the leaves are still on the trees!


I decided to take this picture to show the archetypal Oak Tree, well the acorns anyway!  Lush greenery and ripening acorns.


A close up of the Oak Leaves.


The winding, crooked branches in the late Autumn sun.


And the majestic tree itself, solid, old (although not as old as some) and an English sign of stability. 

I’ll tell you a little story about the name ‘Badgers Oak’ one day.