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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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A Quick Way to Darken Text on a Scrapbook Layout

This is a close up of a hybrid page I made .

It’s to show the word “Deep”. As you will notice, it is shiny!

I thought that in the printed copy of the digital page the black words did not have enough contrast so I used some 3-D Gloss over the top to just lift the letters and give more definition.

I used a thick needle to “paint” the gloss onto the thin image.

It’s a quick and easy way to Darken any printed graphic or text.

Here’s the full page which was the first in my Random Album.



Cheap Jewellery Embellishments for Scrapbook Page

You may remember I wrote an article on Page accents, then later I showed another, using straight border page accents.  Well this time it’s a circle!  So the basis for this page was a 12×12 peice of paper for the background with a 5 inch circle of patterned paper added, include a photo and the only other main item on the page is a large ring which has been embellished separately and then adhered to the page.

Ring Page Accent on a Page by SundayL

This is what I call a ‘use up’ page, in that I have used up some scraps and odd blooms (one that I made ages ago), the bird sillouette is a punched piece of paper believe it or not.  I borrowed someone’s punch at a crop about a year ago and finally got to use it here.

Here are some more close ups, the cheap piece of jewellery to which the title of this refers can be more clearly seen on the last photograph…


I’ve just used a piece of brown netting wrapped around the ring which, incidentally, was cut by using an ordinary dinner plate as my template and then marking an inch or so inside the line and cutting both lines by hand.  This of course doesn’t matter about being precise because of all the embellishment covering a lot of the edges of the ring anyway.


Above shows the punched line of birds more clearly and the flower to the right of the Prima flower (a pack received as a gift) with the copper colour brad in the centre is a ‘wet crumpled flower’ – a video tutorial of which I have already made.



So the piece of jewellery?… yes, it’s the metal ‘Love’ embellishment.  It is one of a pair of earrings.  They were £1 for the pair and I removed the tiny English Flag which was on them.  They were cheap because when I bought them, the England football Team had just blown it’s chances of winning the World Cup and so all the ‘England’ stuff was being sold off cheap in the shops!

I always have a quick look at any costume jewellery sales if I pass one, with a view to taking things apart and using the various parts as embellishments. It can save you money.  Card makers can benefit from that one too!

SmashBook – make your own? Video Tour

Below is a video tour (brief) of my version of the K&Co Smashbook, which I think is a good idea by the way, just don’t like their designs that much, not my style.  But I think the company has thought it through well, with all the little extras.

smashbook my version by SundayL


Above is Honey’s effort – she is 7 and I only showed her what to do, didn’t do it for her.

Anyway, 4 minutes just to show you mine and my daughter’s (age 7).  For those who don’t know what a Smashbook is… and I didn’t until fairly recently… I’ve included some links below.

Links of Interest regarding SmashBooks…

 Make your own Smashbook at Counterfeit Challenge website

What is a Smashbook – K&Co v quick advert video.

Chris Hertel has made a couple of  videos of her home made book… DIY Smash Book Part 1  DIY Smash Book Part 2  and the printouts she mentions in her videos (which I printed out for my daughter to use as seen in my video!) are here. They are in a PDF file for downloading.

Photography Tip for Scrapbookers

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLOn my Walk in October I took some photographs of the sky as the sun was setting. And I mentioned that I would use one of those photos with white lettering out of the black siloutted landscape in the foreground for some cards.

Well I wanted to give you a TIP with regard to leaving “white space” in some of your photographs! I can hear you asking why?!

Well If you have your subject beautifully framed and filling the space, that’s great, but it pays to pan back as well, to get some space around the subject.

There are a couple of reasons for this. 1 is that you can crop the picture in different ways then, you have given yourself more flexibility to crop the picture into the space that you need to fill rather than being completely dictated by the dimensions of the picture. In scrpabooking terms this means that you can simply cover the unwanted areas with embellishments, etc, but the overall frame of the picture remains correct for your project.

For those a little more into either digital scrapbooking and/or placing text directly onto photos before printing, (which is a great way to add dramatic titles or lots of contrasting journalling), if you have left some space especially if it is not busy with images, ie sky or plain landscape, or a large expanse of cloth is ideal, you can now have space to introduce your text.

Or… even… if you feel really adventurous you can add smaller photos on top of the main one framing them within the expanse.

And… you can actually do that in a program lilket MS Word. You don’t have to have a graphics program to do that.

Latest Scrapbook Layout – “Cute”

This is the first large (12×12) single photo scrapbook page I have made in a while.  Actually it’s the first “any type” of scrapbook page I have made in a while, but we’ll gloss over that shall we?!

I made myself STOP what I was “working” on and told myself to just DO some scrapbooking.  I was getting so frustrated because I had had no creative outlet as such, that I could feel myself becoming bitter and twisted! lol

Anyway here it is (excusing the rubbish lighting, that’s what comes of photographing something after dark and relying on a couple of desktop lamps to light the way, thank goodness I can use my phone to take the picture and not have to unwrap my SLR camera!)… oh and there is a little ScrapBooking TIP below!

Scrapbook Page "Cute" by SundayL

Scrapbook Page "Cute" - Detail

Here’s a little TIP - the black “shiny” flowers are only shiny because I have used a Clear Gloss on them.  The reason for doing this was that the flowers were not a strong black, they was a really dark green!

If you ever want to intensify a colour, especially black, on your scrapbook layout, try using Glossy Accents or any Clear Gloss, it must be the gloss reflecting the light back, or something tehnicall like that!  I have used this technique before for bringing out some black text that was getting lost in the pattern of the paper it was printed on.  It works, you should try it!  But be careful if you are going over inkjet type, as being water soluble the text with smudge and run… keep within the boudaries of the letters.

Video Tutorial – Budget Blooms to Scrapbooking Flowers in Minutes

Scrapbook Video by SundayLI have managed to upload a new Video – woo hoo!  It’s an add-on really from the very first video I posted on You Tube (well scrapbooking one anyway) which was about taking apart shop bought ‘silk’ flowers and using them on scrapbook pages.

Well this one shows which is the best colour to buy (in my humble opinion) and how you can match them in to any coloured project you are working on!

Intrigued… then watch this!

Video Tutorial – Border Page Accents for Scrapbook Pages

I could waffle on… but instead I have made a video… and waffled on in there instead! lol

Anyway, In a recent demo at my ScrapBuddies Group I gave a demonstration as to how easy it is to make these handy, what are effectively blocks of embellishments, to brighten up your pages.  Or even, the border “IS” the page!

Here is the Border Page Accent as made in the video.

Page Accent Border stripby SundayL

So I hope you enjoy the video tutorial.

How to Easily Apply Self-Adhesive Letters to a Scrapbook Layout

I posted a picture of this scrapbook page a few posts back.  It was a fairly quick page to make and I used the Wisteria Collection from Basic Grey.  The reason for me showing it to you again is because I used self-adhesive letters from the sticker sheet included with the collection.  I am going to share a TIP as to how you can line up your letters quickly and easily to form your words before you stick them down on your project.

Scrapbook Page "Snow Angels" by SundayL

Firstly, find a ruler.  It is preferable to have a transparent one but not essential, you can still use this technique with a metal or wooden ruler for instance.  Then take your first sticky letter and place the bottom third (ish as this is only to hold the letter still while you work) of the letter onto the top edge of your ruler.


As you can see in the picture above I have lined up the six letters I need for my word using the top edge of my ruler as a guide, so that they are straight.  I have only lightly stuck them in place so that they can easily be removed.  Now I can move the whole word around my page (or a card for that matter) until I am happy with the placement.


This is where the transparent ruler comes in handy as you can clearly see the layout underneath and decide where your word should end up permanently.


When you are happy with the placement, you can press the tops of the letters down onto your project, whilst holding the ruler in place.


Once all your letters are stuck to the page, carefully tip up the ruler and slowly pull it away from the bottom of the letters.  You may need to either hold down the tops of the letters as you pull, and/or release the bottoms gently from the ruler (this depends on how tacky the adhesive is and whether you “overstuck” them to the ruler in the first place! lol)


Now you can press the bottoms of the letters down and, all being well, your alphas should look neat.

Money Saving Advice for Scrapbooking Beginners

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayL

I am often asked about how to start scrapbooking (as mentioned in a recent post).  This is what I tell them…

Firstly, you need know what you want to achieve in order to know what you need to buy!

If you just want to dabble, to try out Scrapbooking then you will only need a few supplies and here is an article I wrote showing, step by step how I used only normal things found around the house, effectively making a “free” scrapbook page.

If you know that you want to scrapbook a particular event (say a Holiday or birth) or maybe (as many people do) start with a whole “This is your life to date” type of album (not recommended for beginners!) then you will need some supplies, however I would start with dabbling a bit first!

I would suggest that you do a lot of “cheating” and buy a kit!  But don’t go mad, buy one… use it, then buy another.  Try not fall in the trap of “oooh that’s nice, I’ll buy it” and then get home and not know what to do with it!

Kits should include papers, embellishments, stickers, alphas (eg alphabet stickers) this will save a beginner a LOT of heart ache! and a lot of cash because you won’t be buying lots of different things.

It’s too easy to walk into a craft shop and end up buying lots of lovely “little” things, but when you get home you find they aren’t really suitable for your scrapbooking. Mostly these little bits and pieces are made for cardmaking.

My mum is a great one for buying loads of stuff, which she then offers to me as she can’t actually find a use for them!! Of course, they are of little use to me as a scrapbooker, however grouping lots of little bits and pieces together to make one larger (area) of embellishment can look good.

I always look at scrapbook embellishments and carefully consider firstly, if I could make it myself, and then secondly whether I am prepared to pay someone else to make it for me!

I actually like the act of creating embellishments from scratch, but metal items I won’t make myself, so will purchase those. 

Another tip for saving money whilst achieving a god result is to make mini albums. simple little projects are fairly quick, with high instant satisfaction levels (!) and do’t cost the earth to make due to their size.  I often demonstrate mini albums of various shapes and sizes and they are always well received.  Check out THIS set of blog posts for some tutorials and video tours of Mini Scrapbook Albums.

What Should I Buy to Start Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLI had a message from a new scrapbooking friend via facebook who wrote…

“… can you please tell me where to get a basic starter kit, I have been beg, stealing and borrowing ribbons, bows, buttons, jewellery, etc, but how do I know what scissors, glue, etc. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Beautiful views here lots to see inspirational but need to transmit ideas to scrapbooking…”

So I replied…

“… for scissors, just use what you have! Ones with a nice pointed tip are good to have for more intricate cutting. Large ones are good for cutting out photos, or large bits of paper until you get a paper trimmer.

[you'll need]… Some double sided tape, about 6mm wide is a good size (as it’s not too wide and not too narrow) and that’s it until you actually start scrapbooking and see what others are using, borrow things at a crop and see how you get on and learn that way (It’s cheaper!)…”

It’s too easy to go off and start buying all sorts of stuff (cos let’s face it there’s loads out there) only to find out that it’s not right for you, or the product isn’t actually up to scratch. 

Many times, if you go to a scrapbook crop, or a cardmaking group, there will be people there who have tried various products and discarded them for some reason, knowing why they didn’t like a product can save you time and money making the same mistake.

More importantly, people bring their (portable) gadgets with them and it’s great if you can borrow them, to see what they are like.  Things such as pens, trimmers, tape dispensers, punches, items such as the “Cuttlebug” which cuts out diecut shapes and embosses, are fab if you can see them in action before you attempt to buy one.

If you cannot get to a crop or crafting group locally, it is definitely worth joining a forum. is the biggest in the UK and there is a lot of information on there.  Also you can join a group who you can chat with and may have the low down on just the sort of things your are looking for.