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I have been published in…

My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Simple 8×8 ‘Doodling’ Scrapbook Page – Nervous

I made this very simple scrapbook page using some freebie paper and journal blocks (that came in a magazine) and home made arrows!  The inspiration was one of the books Honey was reading at the time which was  one of the ‘Tom Gates’ books which is written in half type set and half doodling on every page.

As you can probably tell…. it didn’t take me long, and it’s not my usual style by any means, but it was quite liberating to just throw something together, especially as I don’t particularly like the papers!  But I think it works ok!

Scrapbook Page 8×8 Layout – Meerkat Diaries

Hello all, it’s been a snowy January here in the UK, even over in my ‘bulge’ in the east… East Anglia!

This layout I share today is from the Summer 2012… fed up with the cold weather!  Our little dog Rosie, who will be 2 years old in April -can you believe it?, has a little habit of sitting up like a Meerkat… I think I will video her and send it off to ‘You’ve Been Framed’… for everyone to appreciate how cute and funny it is!

I already have some video of her, but I think I shall take a clearer piece of video… then hopefully it will be shown and she can pay for her own ‘Op’… yeah you know the one I mean!! lol

I recoloured an ordinary doyley here (below) to match in the colours, but there really isn’t too much to this page.



Butterfly Theme Mini Paper Bag Album – Video Tour

Here’s the first of four videos showing  the paper bag albums I made for relatives for Christmas.  These are videos made from stills which I talk about.  I didn’t have time to film real time videos, as I was ‘up against it’ to get them finished and wrapped!!! Video at the botton of this post.

Scrapbook Page – Waiting

Just picked up a 12×12 storage box with some random stash in and made a layout!

The Round piece of cardstock I used as a background I had already cut out for something else and had decided not to use it in the end, so it was in the box left over from that.  It was very pale cream, so to tone it down I have just inked it around the edges and lightly inked over the face of the cardstock. To give you an idea of size, it’s approximately 8 1/2 inches diameter.

The paper pieces were scraps that I just tore and inked.  The clock was a scrap, a previously unused one I had stamped.  I used white acrylic on the edges of the photograph, instead of sanding them.  It’s a messier technique, but the end result has more impact.

I did use my Craft Robo to cut the title… that wasn’t a scrap!

It’s funny, but I new I was going to scrapbook this picture as I clicked the shutter!… well actually… touched the button on my mobile!

Scrapbook Page – Little Miss Rosie

Doggie Scrapbook Page!  Altogether …. ahhhh.  I know… I always say that!  But Cute she is! Well these pictures were taken last year… Rosie is a little bigger now.

An extravagant page in that there’s only 2 photos on a whole 12×12!  And there’s a little tip here for you using the close up picture below…

I used a Martha Stewart ‘around the page’ punch on a piece of peachy coloured paper and wanted to use it on this layout, but against the background paper (which I believe is from Basic Grey’s Porcelain collection) it was lost. 

“Oh Bugger” I said, so after sitting there staring at it for a while I decided to shove a piece of white paper under it!  Et Voila! enough contrast to highlight the punched edge. Top tip, sometimes the simplest things will be a perfect solution!

The detail picture also shows a piece of ribbon, which has wired edges… thereby it can hold itself in shape (it’s only stuck on at the ends around the back of the page).


Multi Photo Scrapbook Page – The London Eye

I am ‘into’ collages of photos at the moment, which is great if you have a load that you want to use on scrapbook pages.  In the example below, I have managed to cram in 14 pictures on one 12×12 scrapbook layout!

And…. I’ll just point out that the 13 small ones all together were all printed out on one sheet of paper, but I didn’t use a photo program!  I used MS Word.  I also introduced some coloured boxes to created interest in the gaps as not all were square, and I then added small clippings of paper over the coloured boxes.

Of course, I also printed the title with the photos and so there was very little else to do on the page other than provide a bit of interest on the background paper with some inking and add some ribbon and glossy accent blobs!  The patterned paper is Basic Grey’s ‘Urban Couture’ (rather apt for London I thought). Click on the image for a larger version.


Teeny Weeny Scrapbook – Mazebook Mini Album – Video

I thought I would make a video to share a very small scrapbook album I made.  It’s so small it fits inside a ‘ring box’ – you know… the flip open presentation boxes for that diamond ring all girls want!  Actually I prefer coloured gems and this particular box held a ring that only cost £25… and I bought it for myself… but it’s the thought that counts… right?

Anyway, I digress… here is the video of this little gem!


Scrapbook Pages made in August

Here are the pages I managed to make this month!


This was actually taken only a week before I made the page… the background paper looks a lighter grey than it actually is.  Here is a bit of detail.


The above page is a 12 x 12 page and the one below is a 6×6.  My husband’s birthday was a low key affair, despite it being a ‘big one’ and so I made the page as subdued as possible without being drab… which is why the title doesn’t stand out too much!


The following page is one I made for my mum… I was at my mum’s for a few days (visiting with Honey my daughter) and the nursery picture that was stuck to my mum’s fridge with magnets was getting a bit dog-eared and damaged, so I offered to make it into a 12×12 page that she could hang on a wall instead.


Here is some detail…


And finally, I made another page for my ‘Thank You Album’ using the left overs from the page I made for my Mum!


Thanks for Looking!!  SL x

Video Tour – Thank You Mini Album

I made a video or my mini Scrapbook Album.  It’s not finished yet, but with 22 out of 31 pages made, I thought I’d share.

Hope you like it…

Random Album Scrapbook Page – Caffeine

Here’s a quick page I made for my Random Mini Album.  I made it in colours/design that ‘jars’… is a bit ‘on edge’ and basically unlikable, to offer the feeling of being ‘out of sorts’… as I am in the mornings… although I’m better than I was! lol


I would like to find a pick-me-up for the mornings… thousands of people swear by their coffee… sadly, even if I liked coffee that much, caffeine has little or no effect on me! 

It was quite liberating to make something that was supposed to make the viewer suffer a bit!  Used up odd bits on this one