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Scrapbook Your Own Gratitude Journal! Tutorial

gratitude_journal_basic_greyI had an email from Basic Grey today to let me know about a new craft video using one of their Collection packs.  It is a video on how to make a Gratitude Journal.

If you have seen any of my previous articles on Intentional Scrapbooking and my musings on “the Secret” then you will know what a graditude journal is, but suffice to say that it is merely a place where you write your thank you’s for all those things you are grateful for in your life.  Feeling gratitude for what you already have should bring you more things you can feel grateful for!!!  That’s the theory!

Anyway, the tutorial is on the Basic Grey website and they have also included a downloadable PDF of the inside pages for you to print out and use.  Obviously you can use any papers to make your journal!

So head on over and take a look at the video tutorial.

Scrapbook Flower Tutorial – Grunge flowers

As I haven’t been able to make many of my usual tutorials of late, I thought I would bring to you some other people’s tutorials. 

Here is a nice clear tutorial on how to make these lovely flowers.  It’s on Kerri’s blog.

Kerri's grunge flowers

Word Mini Album Tutorial

Word Mini Album by LouMy fellow scrapper and “Teammie” on UK Scrappers, Lou, has recently made a Word Mini Album and shared how she made it on her blog.  So I thought I would let you know where to find her blog post, so that you can try to make one too.    (Lou’s Blog Post here) 

Word Mini Album by SundayL

I made a Word Album a while ago as a gift for the parents of a newborn (Blog post here).  My letters were made of chipboard and I covered them with patterned paper which I downloaded for free, they were digital scrapbooking papers.  It looked nice in the end but was fiddly… I think Lou’s tutorial is easier! lol

ScrapBuddies Workshop – Mini Back-Pack Scrapbook Album

At a recent ScrapBuddies ‘get together’  I demonstrated how to make this little Back Pack Scrapbook Album and some of the group followed along to make their own.  It’s all of 3 inches wide, and is very cute.

I got the idea from HERE and you will also find the instructions as to how to make one for yourself… quite easy!

Mini Back-Pack Scrapbook Album by SundayL

Video Tutorial – Budget Blooms to Scrapbooking Flowers in Minutes

Scrapbook Video by SundayLI have managed to upload a new Video – woo hoo!  It’s an add-on really from the very first video I posted on You Tube (well scrapbooking one anyway) which was about taking apart shop bought ‘silk’ flowers and using them on scrapbook pages.

Well this one shows which is the best colour to buy (in my humble opinion) and how you can match them in to any coloured project you are working on!

Intrigued… then watch this!

How to Make a Round Pop-Up Mini Scrapbook Album Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial pop-up Mini Album by SundayLA Video Tutorial for you all.  How to make a Round Pop-Up Mini Album… I won’t write too much because the (just under) 10 minute video is self-explanatory and takes you step-by-step through the simple process of making a lovely mini album.

Thanks to all the people who have already commented on my You Tube Channel… it’s so nice to get feedback!

Video Tutorial – Border Page Accents for Scrapbook Pages

I could waffle on… but instead I have made a video… and waffled on in there instead! lol

Anyway, In a recent demo at my ScrapBuddies Group I gave a demonstration as to how easy it is to make these handy, what are effectively blocks of embellishments, to brighten up your pages.  Or even, the border “IS” the page!

Here is the Border Page Accent as made in the video.

Page Accent Border stripby SundayL

So I hope you enjoy the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial – How to Easily Save Scrapbooking Inspiration from the Web

Scrapbook Video by SundayLI have been asked many times from where do I get the inspiration for my scrapbooking.  My reply is “from Everywhere”, but I do gain a lot of crafting inspiration from other peoples work and I find most of that by browsing the internet!

The next question is usually something like “how do you remember the inspiration in order to use it in your crafting?” My answer… “simple, I save a copy of the scrapbook page or card on my PC and then I can refer to it whenever I like. ”

If I want to make a page, I refer to my collection of examples and choose which ones suit my current project best.  I then print out a sheet full of various pictures and I can now look at that when I craft (or even take to a crop).

The next question is then…. “How do you do that then?”

So I have made a video to show you How to View, Save and Print scrapbook pages, cards and other projects to refer to for inspiration when you make your layouts.  I hope it helps..!

Video Tutorial – How to Distress Paper Edges to Add Interest

Distressing the edges of paper to great effectI am often asked how I achieve the “distressed” look to paper edges on my scrapbook layouts and cards… something I do quite a bit, especially on Vintage style things, (layouts and cards).

So I thought it would be a good idea to make a video for you, showing exactly how I crumple, fold and rip the edges. 

By the way, it’s not just for vintage stuff, oh no… it can be used in almost any setting, or theme.  The beauty of the effect is that you gain dimension to your page/project without the bulk. 

craft-video-logoIf you use this technique on paper for a birthday card, for instance, it doesn’t matter if the edges are then flattened in the post… they look just as good “squished” flat!

How to Easily Apply Self-Adhesive Letters to a Scrapbook Layout

I posted a picture of this scrapbook page a few posts back.  It was a fairly quick page to make and I used the Wisteria Collection from Basic Grey.  The reason for me showing it to you again is because I used self-adhesive letters from the sticker sheet included with the collection.  I am going to share a TIP as to how you can line up your letters quickly and easily to form your words before you stick them down on your project.

Scrapbook Page "Snow Angels" by SundayL

Firstly, find a ruler.  It is preferable to have a transparent one but not essential, you can still use this technique with a metal or wooden ruler for instance.  Then take your first sticky letter and place the bottom third (ish as this is only to hold the letter still while you work) of the letter onto the top edge of your ruler.


As you can see in the picture above I have lined up the six letters I need for my word using the top edge of my ruler as a guide, so that they are straight.  I have only lightly stuck them in place so that they can easily be removed.  Now I can move the whole word around my page (or a card for that matter) until I am happy with the placement.


This is where the transparent ruler comes in handy as you can clearly see the layout underneath and decide where your word should end up permanently.


When you are happy with the placement, you can press the tops of the letters down onto your project, whilst holding the ruler in place.


Once all your letters are stuck to the page, carefully tip up the ruler and slowly pull it away from the bottom of the letters.  You may need to either hold down the tops of the letters as you pull, and/or release the bottoms gently from the ruler (this depends on how tacky the adhesive is and whether you “overstuck” them to the ruler in the first place! lol)


Now you can press the bottoms of the letters down and, all being well, your alphas should look neat.