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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine
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Making your own Scrapbooking Page Kit – Limiting Supplies

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLI posted a video a while ago about how to make your own page kit from your own scrapbooking supplies (Own Scrapbook Kit Article) The video has been included in this post below.
Recently I had a comment left on the video at my You Tube channel, and I copy it here as it illustrates a common trait in us scrapbookers… or even, crafters in general. 
The comment went as follows…
“how awesome, I have always wanted to do this and never really thought about how I can do it . I watched other vid’s and they just show you how to add stuff but not the whole process, plus you explained about the brads and how you can always go back and get them (you don’t need all of them) I need to do this ASAP because I started pulling stuff out for my mini Valentine’s kit and I know I will not but using all of that stuff but my mind believes that I would. I need to go back and limit myself.TFS “
This is a common problem… we all (myself included) procrastinate on our layouts because we spend ages sifting through our scrapbooking stash over and over again.  We need to limit ourselves before we stare at a blank sheet of cardstock!
It’s definitely worth watching the video if you need some ideas about getting only a few things together so that you can actually DO some scrapbooking, and of course, it’s great for preparing to go to a crop, and you might even achieve a page layout whilst you’re there!
I use the same technique for gathering ideas for pages, which I then scrapbook at home.  It helps with time management too.  Gradually pop things in the “holding bag” as and when you notice them or have a little time. 
Then, when you have a gap in your life schedule, you will get more from those precious crafting minutes if you have done half of the work by making some of the decisions about colours/theme etc beforehand.
Anyway, I repeat the video here for you… got any other ideas?

Mini Pocket Album Video Tutorial

Scrapbook Video by SundayLIn a previous video I showed you how you can quickly make double sided paper by stamping the back of a single sided piece.

Well in this video I show you how to make a mini pocket scrapbook album using the paper from the demo.

These mini albums make great little gifts for people, just add some tags and a little bit of ribbon and you’re good to go!

mini pocket album montageOr add them to a scrapbook page to “pack in” the extra little photos, journaling and other memorabilia.

Make single sided paper, double sided!

Use stamping to make scrapbook paper double sidedI have made a quick video showing how you can use your stamps to create a complimentary design on the back of single sided scrapbook papers to make it double-sided paper.

Not ground-breaking in news, but this has caused a number of “ah ha” moments in people when I have explained it!  [as the first comment on this video on YouTube proves again!] So I thought I would share it with you here.

Double sided paper is useful when making mini albums, such as the mini pocket album which I will show you in the next video!

How to make Wet Crumpled Paper Flowers

Recently I showed you a birthday card on which I had put some “Crumpled flowers”.  I made them using the “wet” technique.  Here is a closeup of one of the flowers (before I put it on the card).

Scrunched scrapbooking flower

They are great for using on greetings cards and for scrapbooking, because they can actually end up no deeper than the brad you use in the centre, so aren’t too bulky.  I will admit that I have added stickles to the edges of the “petals” here for a little bit of extra glitz.

I particularly like the way the paper looks a little like fabric, or even leather when it has been scrunched whilst wet and then dried! You can use a brad to hold the layers together as I have here, or use glue in between and then glue a button in the flower centre, or even just a ball of scrunched paper, as I have dome sometimes.

Anyway, I have made a video tutorial of how to make these scrapbooking flowers… I hope you enjoy it!

Video Tutorial – Sewing using Templates on your Pages and Cards

Stitching, using fibres such as embroidery threads, can add a lovely touch to scrapbook layouts and, indeed greetings cards.  There are companies that make templates for such a technique, but of course you are limited to their designs.


You can print out any image, keeping it simple of course, and use that as a simple template.  Use shapes such as simple flowers, leaves, stars, swirls and so on.  However, I have created a page of templates which will be available in the middle of this month to all Newsletter Subscribers (the video below explains).  It’s free to subscribe and there are lots of other downloadable freebies you may find useful.


Here (above) you can see the back of the sewing!


This picture (above) illustrates the effectiveness of being able to sew over a number of layers.

Downloadable sewing templates for layouts

Here is a picture of the freebie downloadable sheet of sewing templates for use with scrapbook pages and cards too.


Use the templates by placing on your project and carefully piercing through each dot to make a hole for your thread.  As I tend to use thick thread (5 stranded embroidery thread) I “wiggle” or “twist” the piercing tool (or large needle) to make sure the holes are big enough.  Bear in mind that the thread will be passing through each whole twice.


Sew through the holes using running stitch all the way round (or along in the case of a swirl) and then go back on yourself with running stitch to fill in the gaps.


You should end up with a complete line, or outline, of your shape!

So… here is the video… (length 7.25 mins)

Video: Make a Scrapbooking Sketchbook with free download

You know how when it’s your birthday, and you go into the office (assuming you work in an office by day, or have done so at one time) strangely it’s You who is expected to “get the cakes in”?!  Well in the spirit of that tradition… although it is the birthday of the SimplyScrapbookingNow Newsletter… it’s the Newsletter giving the FREEBIE to All along with a video tutorial (which gives more information too)!

Every month I send the Newsletter subscribers some sort of freebie download, but this month the freebie is available to Everyone and it is available right here! 

Scrapbook Sketchbook

Above is a sketchbook I have made which was inspired by Kristina Werner at  Kristina made a sketchbook for Card makers and there is a free download of the template for the inside pages.

I thought the sketchbook was a great idea (and prettier than an ordinary notebook too!) so I decided to make one myself, but for scrapbooking sketches, so my inside pages have squares on them instead of card dimensions.

I then thought that as I had to make the inside pages anyway, I would share the printout with you.  And I am also sharing the title block too which says “Scrapbook Sketches” on the front cover. The download links are below.

I am ALSO giving away these 3 sketchbooks books that I have made already – one of which, I actually made in the video (below) and to win one you just need to leave a comment on this post and on 30th September 3 people will be picked at random and I will be posting these books out as soon as I have addresses from the winners.




So here are the downloads in US letter and A4 versions – RIGHT click and “save target as”.

Click HERE to download the PDF of the inside pages

Click HERE to download the PDF of the Title Block

Click HERE to download the PDF of the inside pages (A4 version)

Click HERE to download the PDF of the Title Block (A4 version)

I’d like to thank Kristina for her inspiration – you should check out her blog… especially if you are also a card maker!

So here is the video… I hope you enjoy it. 

Quick Way to Create Bracket Shapes for Scrapbook Pages and Cards

Here is a quick way to make bracket shaped pieces of paper and card for your Scrapbook Pages, your Cards and anything else you may want them for.

First, cut a piece of scrap paper slightly larger than the size of bracket shape you want.

Then, fold in half, turn 90 degrees and fold in half again so that you then have a quarter sized piece. 

Now draw your line  from one folded edge to the other following the outside edge of the paper – see the photogrpah below.


Now cut following the line you have just drawn.  You should end up with a shape like the one below.  The folds are on the left side and the bottom of the piece in this picture.


Open up the folded template you have just cut.


If you are not happy with the shape, re-fold and adjust the shape by trimming.  Similarly if , after offering it up to your project, it is too big, simple re-fold and trim.

When you are happy with your template, merely place it on your chosen piece of cardstock or paper, draw round and cut out.


You can use this method for any size bracket shape, and it’s worth keeping your paper templates, so that you can use them again, and/or make a cardstock copy.

Accordion Spine Mini Scrapbook Album Tutorial

At the July ScrapBuddies Crop (last weekend) I demonstrated how to make an Accordion Spine Mini Album.  In fact it was a bit of a workshop as we all did it together step-by-step.  Here are some of the finished albums, which have 4×4″ pages (the covers are slightly larger).

Accordian Spine Scrapbook Mini Albums 2 ScrapBuddies Workshop

All the albums have Cardstock covers, but some have cardstock pages and others have paper pages.  The paper pages work well actually because the paper is doubled over, so you don’t have to use double sided paper.  In fact it is a great way to make use of your left over sheets of paper (8×8″ size) by making a number of very quick albums.  Here is a picture of them open.


As you can see from the photograph below, the spine is an accordion of cardstock onto which folded lengths of 8×8 are stuck.  If you do use cardstock for your pages, you can leave the top open of a couple of pages to make instant tag pockets.

Accordian Spine Scrapbook Mini Albums 1 ScrapBuddies Workshop

I came across a tutorial over on the Creativity Prompt Blogthis is the link to the Tutorial Post which includes a video.  Avital, the blog author,  makes the mini album with a “Funky Foam” cover, but I used cardstock for the workshop.  One thing to point out is that you need 6 pieces of 8×4″ cardstock or paper for the insides (Avital says 5, but you need one for the spine and 5 for the pages)

One thing I will do on my albums is place patterned paper on the inside front and back covers to neaten those areas, or at least pretty them up.  I have thought of other alternatives, such as “scalloping” the ends of the spine before sticking it to the cover and either shortening the overlap, or lengthening it by using a 12×4″, rather than an 8×4″ piece of cardstock.

Still a worthwhile  mini album design for making one or more quick albums.

A great use for those Green flowers!

Here is a little tutorial from about making use of green flowers from your stash.  Basically it is a case of making “3D” flowers using more usual petal colours and then using the green flowers last to make the sepals.  A good idea for making delicate little 3D embellishments for a scrapbooking page or a card.  You would need to have some covered wire, or cover some first yourself, however.

On an unrelated matter… I am constantly reminded just how lucky we all are to have the internet!  I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the green bit around the base of the flower, so I searched using the term “flower diagrams” and up came some drawings with the labels of all the parts of the flower.  So I was then reminded that the word I was looking for was “sepal” – and in only a few seconds too – fantastic!

Ripped Paper Technique – Baby Girl Card

Here is a card I made recently for a couple who had a baby girl a week or so ago.  I have used the Ripped Paper Technique to create the flower (link to more Tutorial and Video below), and drawn on stitches to give it a hand stitched look.

Baby Girl Card by SundayL

I also added some buttons and the words Baby Girl were made from Rub-ons.  They are actually silver ones. 

The flower petals were secured with foam pads under each of the layers, but I didn’t raise the very bottom petal, as I didn’t want the flower to be too proud of the card.

Baby Girl Card - Close of the Ripped Paper Flower

Here is a link to the  ”How To” article about ripped paper flowers, which also includes a video.

The papers are by Papermania “Signature”, the collection called Blueberry Hill – it was A5 size! (I notice there is an A4 size pad too)  Lovely soft pastel colours, ideal for baby themes (boy or girl), female vintage and general “sweetness” layouts!