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Video Tutorial – Border Page Accents for Scrapbook Pages

I could waffle on… but instead I have made a video… and waffled on in there instead! lol

Anyway, In a recent demo at my ScrapBuddies Group I gave a demonstration as to how easy it is to make these handy, what are effectively blocks of embellishments, to brighten up your pages.  Or even, the border “IS” the page!

Here is the Border Page Accent as made in the video.

Page Accent Border stripby SundayL

So I hope you enjoy the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial – How to Easily Save Scrapbooking Inspiration from the Web

Scrapbook Video by SundayLI have been asked many times from where do I get the inspiration for my scrapbooking.  My reply is “from Everywhere”, but I do gain a lot of crafting inspiration from other peoples work and I find most of that by browsing the internet!

The next question is usually something like “how do you remember the inspiration in order to use it in your crafting?” My answer… “simple, I save a copy of the scrapbook page or card on my PC and then I can refer to it whenever I like. ”

If I want to make a page, I refer to my collection of examples and choose which ones suit my current project best.  I then print out a sheet full of various pictures and I can now look at that when I craft (or even take to a crop).

The next question is then…. “How do you do that then?”

So I have made a video to show you How to View, Save and Print scrapbook pages, cards and other projects to refer to for inspiration when you make your layouts.  I hope it helps..!

Video Tutorial – How to Distress Paper Edges to Add Interest

Distressing the edges of paper to great effectI am often asked how I achieve the “distressed” look to paper edges on my scrapbook layouts and cards… something I do quite a bit, especially on Vintage style things, (layouts and cards).

So I thought it would be a good idea to make a video for you, showing exactly how I crumple, fold and rip the edges. 

By the way, it’s not just for vintage stuff, oh no… it can be used in almost any setting, or theme.  The beauty of the effect is that you gain dimension to your page/project without the bulk. 

craft-video-logoIf you use this technique on paper for a birthday card, for instance, it doesn’t matter if the edges are then flattened in the post… they look just as good “squished” flat!

Making your own Scrapbooking Page Kit – Limiting Supplies

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLI posted a video a while ago about how to make your own page kit from your own scrapbooking supplies (Own Scrapbook Kit Article) The video has been included in this post below.
Recently I had a comment left on the video at my You Tube channel, and I copy it here as it illustrates a common trait in us scrapbookers… or even, crafters in general. 
The comment went as follows…
“how awesome, I have always wanted to do this and never really thought about how I can do it . I watched other vid’s and they just show you how to add stuff but not the whole process, plus you explained about the brads and how you can always go back and get them (you don’t need all of them) I need to do this ASAP because I started pulling stuff out for my mini Valentine’s kit and I know I will not but using all of that stuff but my mind believes that I would. I need to go back and limit myself.TFS “
This is a common problem… we all (myself included) procrastinate on our layouts because we spend ages sifting through our scrapbooking stash over and over again.  We need to limit ourselves before we stare at a blank sheet of cardstock!
It’s definitely worth watching the video if you need some ideas about getting only a few things together so that you can actually DO some scrapbooking, and of course, it’s great for preparing to go to a crop, and you might even achieve a page layout whilst you’re there!
I use the same technique for gathering ideas for pages, which I then scrapbook at home.  It helps with time management too.  Gradually pop things in the “holding bag” as and when you notice them or have a little time. 
Then, when you have a gap in your life schedule, you will get more from those precious crafting minutes if you have done half of the work by making some of the decisions about colours/theme etc beforehand.
Anyway, I repeat the video here for you… got any other ideas?

Mini Pocket Album Video Tutorial

Scrapbook Video by SundayLIn a previous video I showed you how you can quickly make double sided paper by stamping the back of a single sided piece.

Well in this video I show you how to make a mini pocket scrapbook album using the paper from the demo.

These mini albums make great little gifts for people, just add some tags and a little bit of ribbon and you’re good to go!

mini pocket album montageOr add them to a scrapbook page to “pack in” the extra little photos, journaling and other memorabilia.

For what can you use Double Sided Paper?

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLI’ve had lots of comments on the recent video I posted as to how to Quickly make single sided paper into Double sided using stamps!

I thought I would just post one of the questions and my answer to it here as it’s relevant!

Q: Ibkristycat asked: what are some scrapbooking ideas for using double sided paper?? so you can see both sides??

And my answer:  Well, mini pocket albums are great, as you see both sides and I will be putting up a video about that soon.  Also if you make little boxes or bags (for gifts etc) the inside of the bag is seen too.  Double sided is good for other mini albums where you use the paper/card as pages in the album, and even greetings cards as it’s nice to have some interest inside the card, just place a plain piece of paper where you wish to write!

Make single sided paper, double sided!

Use stamping to make scrapbook paper double sidedI have made a quick video showing how you can use your stamps to create a complimentary design on the back of single sided scrapbook papers to make it double-sided paper.

Not ground-breaking in news, but this has caused a number of “ah ha” moments in people when I have explained it!  [as the first comment on this video on YouTube proves again!] So I thought I would share it with you here.

Double sided paper is useful when making mini albums, such as the mini pocket album which I will show you in the next video!

We Weren’t Born To Follow – Bon Jovi

No it’s not scrapbooking, but IT IS UPLIFTING and I’m all for that!  The music video gives extra weight to the message and I hope you enjoy it… This one will be blasting out in my car that’s for sure.

Great Rock Tune with a an uplifting message… can’t get much better than that!!  Wooo Hooo!

There is an 15-20 second advert at the beginning of this “official” version of the video, but it’s the only one I could embed in this post… ENJOY!

How to make Wet Crumpled Paper Flowers

Recently I showed you a birthday card on which I had put some “Crumpled flowers”.  I made them using the “wet” technique.  Here is a closeup of one of the flowers (before I put it on the card).

Scrunched scrapbooking flower

They are great for using on greetings cards and for scrapbooking, because they can actually end up no deeper than the brad you use in the centre, so aren’t too bulky.  I will admit that I have added stickles to the edges of the “petals” here for a little bit of extra glitz.

I particularly like the way the paper looks a little like fabric, or even leather when it has been scrunched whilst wet and then dried! You can use a brad to hold the layers together as I have here, or use glue in between and then glue a button in the flower centre, or even just a ball of scrunched paper, as I have dome sometimes.

Anyway, I have made a video tutorial of how to make these scrapbooking flowers… I hope you enjoy it!

Video Tutorial – Sewing using Templates on your Pages and Cards

Stitching, using fibres such as embroidery threads, can add a lovely touch to scrapbook layouts and, indeed greetings cards.  There are companies that make templates for such a technique, but of course you are limited to their designs.


You can print out any image, keeping it simple of course, and use that as a simple template.  Use shapes such as simple flowers, leaves, stars, swirls and so on.  However, I have created a page of templates which will be available in the middle of this month to all Newsletter Subscribers (the video below explains).  It’s free to subscribe and there are lots of other downloadable freebies you may find useful.


Here (above) you can see the back of the sewing!


This picture (above) illustrates the effectiveness of being able to sew over a number of layers.

Downloadable sewing templates for layouts

Here is a picture of the freebie downloadable sheet of sewing templates for use with scrapbook pages and cards too.


Use the templates by placing on your project and carefully piercing through each dot to make a hole for your thread.  As I tend to use thick thread (5 stranded embroidery thread) I “wiggle” or “twist” the piercing tool (or large needle) to make sure the holes are big enough.  Bear in mind that the thread will be passing through each whole twice.


Sew through the holes using running stitch all the way round (or along in the case of a swirl) and then go back on yourself with running stitch to fill in the gaps.


You should end up with a complete line, or outline, of your shape!

So… here is the video… (length 7.25 mins)