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My layout published on pg 67 of the Sept 09 issue
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“Thank You For…” Scrapbooking Canvas

Time to Scrapbook outside the Page!  I found a couple of mini canvases going cheap in a local framing shop and thought I would do a little “altering”.  This canvas is 5 inches square and I decided to make a “Thank You” reminder for my room.  I have already made a “Thank you” Layout and this adds to my collection.  Maybe this will inspire you to make something similar.

"Thank You For..." Scrapbooking Canvas by SundayL

I was asked who I was making this for (I was at a crop at the time) and when I replied “It’s for Me”, I got a few quizzical looks!  I had to explain the general idea of the Law of Attraction and that being more Thankful for all the good things around me, would mean I receive more things to be thankful for – hence the Thank You “FOR…”

"Thank You For..." Scrapbooking Canvas by SundayL

I want to make use of my scrapbooking know-how to make some lifestyle reminders of how to be grateful and place them all over my house.  If it’s pleasant to look at, it induces the right positive feelings.

"Thank You For..." Scrapbooking Canvas by SundayL

I used a few of the things that I like at the moment, such as a Pheobe (Basic Grey) little pad of paper, some lace and ribbon which I did actually hand-sew onto the paper.  The lady that runs the crop I was at, allows members to borrow her Cricut and I used the Calligraphic Classic font  (I think) to cut the words – and I hand cut the green mat around the words.

"Thank You For..." Scrapbooking Canvas by SundayL

It’s not particularly clear in the photographs, but I did actually use some silicone to raise the words up off the green mat, which in turn, is raised from the background paper using 3D foam pads.

"Thank You For..." Scrapbooking Canvas by SundayL

I found a little packet of these little “Made with Love” tags in a craft shop and I put them on the cards I make for friends and family.  I thought I would add one here as (again re the Law of Attraction) we are supposed to feel the feeling of love to improve our lives.  (A little note: if you can’t feel love (and sometimes we really don’t feel like it as we are not in a happy place from time to time!! –  try starting with like… or even just slightly like first!  Be thankful for even the most minor good things in your life and you will see other things around you too.  This does actually work and it starts to lift your mood.)

"Thank You For..." Scrapbooking Canvas by SundayL

Making a “Thank You For…” Scrapbook Layout, Canvas or anything else that you can hang around the house, is good exercise in making something just for yourself.  Choose the colours you want and the embellishments you want and do it just to please yourself for a change.  If you make it something that you enjoy looking at, you will look at it more often.  And there is no limit as to how many times you can have positive words hanging around your house as reminders… not just for you, but for your whole family.  Try getting your kids to make one, can’t hurt can it?!

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