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Vintage Cards & Chicks!

Hello All!!Day old chick

I have been recruiting again for the Tearooms, and, as a consequence also having to work in the Rooms themselves along with training, etc… phewee is putting it very politely!!

So, I have been away from the Blogs, etc. 

Anyway, I have posted here, some small cards I made recently which are very quick to make and I sell them as “extra” cards for the Tearooms Gift Certificates.

BUT.. before that take a look at our chicks!  Two of our new Bantam Chickens “went Broody” about two weeks after their arrival and so I bought some fertile eggs and 5 of the 8 hatched.. mothers and babies are all doing well and are actually about 3 and a half weeks old now.

Bantams and chicks

 So on to the cards… click the pictures for a slightly bigger version.





2 comments to Vintage Cards & Chicks!

  • Valerie Whitlock

    Lovely cards and lovely lovely tearooms, my husband and I really enjoyed our visit last Sunday. Didn’t make the connection until I looked to see if you had a website for the tearooms as hoping to meet up with my friends there soon, then saw your links. Would love to come to a craft event if you hold any at the tearooms. Valeriej (UKS)

  • Hello Valerie, So Glad you enjoyed your visit to the Tearooms. We actually had our monthly scrapbooking and cardmaking crop last night at the Rooms! Next one is Tuesday 24th August (7.15pm).
    I hope to do some workshops weekday mornings during the Autumn/Winter and will announce them on this blog and the Tearooms blog. is the crop’s website (I have yet to update the dates for the next one!)
    Would be lovely if you could join in!
    Warm Wishes

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