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What Should I Buy to Start Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking & Crafting Advice from SundayLI had a message from a new scrapbooking friend via facebook who wrote…

“… can you please tell me where to get a basic starter kit, I have been beg, stealing and borrowing ribbons, bows, buttons, jewellery, etc, but how do I know what scissors, glue, etc. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Beautiful views here lots to see inspirational but need to transmit ideas to scrapbooking…”

So I replied…

“… for scissors, just use what you have! Ones with a nice pointed tip are good to have for more intricate cutting. Large ones are good for cutting out photos, or large bits of paper until you get a paper trimmer.

[you'll need]… Some double sided tape, about 6mm wide is a good size (as it’s not too wide and not too narrow) and that’s it until you actually start scrapbooking and see what others are using, borrow things at a crop and see how you get on and learn that way (It’s cheaper!)…”

It’s too easy to go off and start buying all sorts of stuff (cos let’s face it there’s loads out there) only to find out that it’s not right for you, or the product isn’t actually up to scratch. 

Many times, if you go to a scrapbook crop, or a cardmaking group, there will be people there who have tried various products and discarded them for some reason, knowing why they didn’t like a product can save you time and money making the same mistake.

More importantly, people bring their (portable) gadgets with them and it’s great if you can borrow them, to see what they are like.  Things such as pens, trimmers, tape dispensers, punches, items such as the “Cuttlebug” which cuts out diecut shapes and embosses, are fab if you can see them in action before you attempt to buy one.

If you cannot get to a crop or crafting group locally, it is definitely worth joining a forum. is the biggest in the UK and there is a lot of information on there.  Also you can join a group who you can chat with and may have the low down on just the sort of things your are looking for.

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